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Okoboji Pioneers Football 2017 Spring Letter

Pioneer Football Philosophy: To be successful in life, a young man has to learn to work hard for himself and for others. To be competitive in football, we must play smarter and faster than our opponents. We will strive to limit penalties, control the tempo, hit harder, and adjust quickly to their strengths and weaknesses. We must do our best in the off-season to become as strong and fast as we can be by working as hard as we can in the weight room. A combination of strength and conditioning will be implemented year round. We must develop players that are versatile, capable of playing multiple positions. We must develop players that are in this sport for the team, doing whatever they can in-season and off-season to help us win. We must develop young men that perform on the field, in the classroom, and in the community with honor and a passion for the sport. We will nurture the program and the players by emphasizing unity, accountability, and most of all the drive to excel in football and life.

Website: visit our website (also linked from the OHS school site) to see the calendar, roster, pictures and information. https://sites.google.com/a/okoboji.k12.ia.us/okoboji-pioneers-football/ We also have a Facebook site with pictures. https://www.facebook.com/okobojipioneerfootball/

Spring/Summer Schedule

Lifting together : Every coach at every clinic I've been to has the same message when it comes to the weight room. “Get as many of your kids in lifting together as a team as possible.” It is really important that players see each other working hard towards the same goal. We need our players supporting each other in the off season so its second nature on Friday nights.

Making Ironman : Studies show a significant drop off of results occurs when an athlete misses more than 1 in 5 workouts. We strongly recommend that all of our players do their best to make Ironman status in our summer program by attending 85% of the workouts Mon- Fri. It's not about the t-shirt or recognition, but the results the player will see and the improved performance on the field. We lift on M/W/F and work speed and agilities on T/Th over 4 sessions 6-10 am. at OHS.

Service Work : We do our best to not only make great football players but great citizens, fathers, and husbands. Character education, discipline, and service work help to shape these boys into good men. It's important that we do our best to show up for our team whenever a service project is available. We usually do a couple projects a year.

Summer Sunday Night Skills : We work on football skills every Sunday at 7 pm. We will play 7 on 7 with Spirit Lake,Sheldon, and Spencer towards the end of the summer on Sunday nights.

Parent Meeting: We will have a parent meeting on August 1st at 7 pm. at OHS.

Camps: We will attend team camps in Ames this year. A 7on7 and big man challenge camp.The ISU camp is on June 18th. http://www.iowastatefootballcamps.com/7-on-7-shootout.cfm and http://www.iowastatefootballcamps.com/cyclone-big-man-camp.cfm. Our OHS football camp will be Aug 2nd and 3rd. SEALS Camp will be held all day Aug 4th over night and all day Aug 5th. A player must be in good shape to make it through SEALS as it can be physically and mentally demanding at times. Every year we have had players who struggled to complete all of the exercises and drills. Most of our players have fun working hard and camping out with the team during SEALS. We will also do a couple day camps with Sheldon and Spirit Lake this year. These are usually the last week of July.

Equipment: Shoes (in my opinion) should be black or mostly black. I understand they are getting harder to find. A recent Eastbay catalog had zero football shoes that were just black. If you can, try to get mostly dark colored football shoes. It's important that players have a girdle that fits. Most players buy their own girdles, any brand that is comfortable will work as long as it has hip,tailbone, and thigh padding. Gloves should have the NFHS tag on them (most do). The school will provide all other equipment.

HUDL : The Pioneer football hudl site has our playbooks, installations, scouting reports, and game tape. Players are expected to review the installations shared with them. The coaches can see on their hudl who is viewing and for how long.

Recruiting : Usually by the spring of their junior year, players that want to play in college have started a highlight tape. I am more than happy to help with making a tape. Colleges usually contact me if they are interested and ask the player to come to a summer camp before their Senior year. It's always better to start sooner than later when communicating with a school you would like to play for. G.P.A. and ACT score play a really big part in the recruiting process these days.

Remind : Every player and coach are on the remind texting service. Parents are welcome to join too.

To join just text the number (707-549-6860) with the message: @okobo This texting service is how players get information during the off-season.

Awards : Throughout the summer and fall players are awarded shirts, hats, footballs, medals, and certificates.

Sunday night skills = players can win t-shirts or small trinkets based on winning a drill or game.

Ironman= If a player makes 85% of the summer lifts/agilities they will receive a meal and a t-shirt

SEALS= If a player makes it through SEALS camp they receive a SEALS hat and shirt.

Hammer player of the week= If a player is selected as the hardest working player in practice that week they receive a hammer t-shirt

Special Teams Player of the Year= ST t-shirt

All-District medals and certificates= These are all voted upon by the district football coaches at the end of the season.

All-District Academic= Senior players with a GPA of 3.25 will receive a certificate.

All-In Football award= Senior players that help with the kids camp,attend,make Ironman, attend Pioneer camp,SEALS camp, and finish the year in good standing with the team will receive an “ALL IN” football and certificate.