Graduation Requirements

Okoboji High School requires 48 credits for graduation.

Thirteen courses plus P.E. is the minimum class load each year.

Students should have
  • 12 credits at the beginning of the year to be a sophomore

  • 24 credits at the beginning of the year to be a junior                   

  • 36 credits at the beginning of the year to be a senior

The following Okoboji High School required credits must be included:


2 semester credits of English 9

2 semester credits of English 10

4 semester credits of English electives


2 semester credits of World History

2 semester credits of American History

2 semester credits of Government / Economics


2 semester credits of Physical Science w/lab

2 semester credits of Biology with lab

2 semester credits of Science electives

2 semester credits of Health  

(Iowa Regent Universities require 6 science credits with lab)


6 semester credits of Math (8th Algebra 1 credits are elective credits, not math credits)

(Iowa Regent Universities require 6 math credits of Algebra and above)


1 semester credit of College & Career Exploration

29 required academic credits (listed above)

17 elective credits

2 credits of Physical Education


Students who have completed all the requirements for graduation may elect to receive their diploma at that time. Early graduates may elect to participate in graduation ceremonies at the conclusion of the regular school year after which they normally would have graduated.  Students electing early graduation will not be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities (examples - prom, basketball, wrestling, track, golf, plays, etc.) Students are required to apply for early graduation – interested students should see Ms. Schaefer in the Guidance office.

   The educational standards and requirements set by law and the Iowa Department of Education will be strictly observed. There is a need to differentiate between and define “Unit” and “Credit” (one unit is equivalent to 2 semester credits).  A unit is granted for a course that is taught for at least 200 minutes per week for 36 weeks, or for a course that is taught for the equivalent of 120 hours of instruction, or is taught as a part of an innovative program filed as prescribed in sub-rule 12.1 (6).