The YMCA is a non-profit organization that is mostly operated through the funds collected for regular full time membership dues. For this reason the use of guest passes or day passes is done only on a limited basis to be fair to full time members while also being able to promote new membership.


Adults (18 or older) that would like a tour of the facility before joining may do so free of charge. It is preferable that a member of the YMCA staff do a walk around with the perspective member. If a staff member is not available the perspective member may tour alone after signing appropriate liability waivers.


The purpose of the DAY PASS is mainly to allow YMCA members to have an opportunity to bring friends and visiting family to the YMCA on a limited basis. It also permits visitors to Okmulgee an opportunity to use the facility on a limited time basis. A DAY PASS costs $6.00 regardless of age and is not refundable. Patrons must sign a waiver for each DAY PASS before using the facility.