Certified personal trainers: Katie McElhaney, Ronald Sumrell, and Tonya Bowie.

Personal training at the YMCA is $40.00 per hour.

Contact the YMCA to learn how to visit with our trainers and setup training times and dates

Woman’s Advanced Fitness Training(small Group)


  • CLASSES HELD ON MONDAY & THURSDAYS @ 5:30PM (approximately 1.5 hours)

  • Registration: (register at YMCA Front desk) Must be enrolled by MAY 14th 2021

  • Members $400 & Non-Members $400

  • This workout is designed to deliver full body physical training. Proper form will be taught, as well as the basics of proper nutrition. The benefits are greater mental toughness, lower body strength could potentially increase by 100% depending on your condition, upper body strength could increase by a potential of 33%, and you will greatly increase bone density and joint strength. Excluding any possible medical issues, the improvement can be substantial. The class is four months, after that you would be able to continue as a team or workout partners. Proper nutrition is a must to fully achieve the goals.

  • Instructor: Ron Sumrell has 50 plus years experience in all areas of fitness. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, & Certified Lifting Coach.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Katie McElhaney

Katie has been working in the fitness industry since she was 20 years old, and now 10 years of experience in all areas of personal training and group fitness. She has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, with several other group fitness and personal training certifications. Katie loves working with clients of any age and level of fitness!

Tonya Bowie

Tonya is a Native Okmulgee citizen, later moving toward Tulsa, to call Broken Arrow home. Tonya studied general education from Pre-k to Senior at Okmulgee High, to studying Medical Secretary at OSU Tech in 1990. Later completing her degree at TCC in Liberal Arts with emphasis in Medical Science and The University Of Tulsa in Athletic Training/Exercise & Sports Of Science. Tonya's main focus is Massage, Whole Health & Well-being with strong emphasis on Nutrition and Movement. Tonya is a licensed massage therapist, with several specialty certifications.

Ron Sumrell

Ron retired in 2000 as a forming services engineer, all while also working in the fitness industry. Ron was a body builder and competitive power lifter into his 50's, and still maintains physical fitness today. He 50 plus years of experience in all areas of fitness. Ron is a certified personal trainer, certified senior fitness specialist, certified in sports nutrition, and a lifting coach.