CSC of Okeechobee


In 1990, Okeechobee County residents voted to establish a special district of local government to levy local property taxes to help

reach their full potential.  The Children’s Services Council of Okeechobee County makes best use of the tax dollars by investing in

prevention and intervention strategies that provide long term savings to the community as well as long term benefits to children



A Community Caring for Its Kids

 What is the Children’s Services Council?

à Children’s Services Council is an independent taxing district, founded in 1990, that uses dedicated property tax revenue to improve the lives of children

What is the Mission of the Children’s Services Council?

à The mission of the Children’s Services Council of Okeechobee County is to enhance the lives of all children in Okeechobee County and enable them to attain their full potential.

What does the Children’s Services Council do with the funds they collect?

à The majority of the Children’s Services Council funds are used to support prevention-based programs for children and families.  Children’s Services Council supports programs that promote Healthy Babies and Families; ensure School Readiness & School Success; increase Family Building and Strengthening; provide Recreational & Youth Development activities; and promote Healthy Lifestyles and Teen Pregnancy Prevention.

How does the Children’s Services Council monitor the programs it funds?

à Funded programs are evaluated on an on-going basis to assess their accomplishments towards achieving program goals.  Additionally, programs are funded on a reimbursement basis allowing for monthly fiscal review.



More Than Just a Funder

 In addition to funding programs, the Children’s Services Council is a leader and active partner in several community initiatives and projects that contribute to the future of children and families in Okeechobee County.  The Children's Services Council is persistently advocating for the children in our community.  Campaigning for these ideals allows the Children’s Services Council to partner and share resources and ideas with entities to help accomplish its mission: to improve the quality of life for all children in Okeechobee County.

Current projects and initiatives of the Children’s Services Council include:

à Summer activity programs

à Local scholarships

à Healthy Kids advocacy

à Medically Needy Program

à Health-Safety Expo sponsor

à Okeechobee County Fair sponsor


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