Google (G-Suite)

Enjoy these resource as part of our Google Apps for Education suite of tools.  As you become a power user, consider pursuing Google's Educator Certification. Their learning modules culminate in an exam and a digital badge to distinguish the recipients.  Check it out here.

If you do not see the Google app or tool you are seeking (Gmail, Calendar, etc.), try searching for it within Hoonuit, formerly Atomic Learning. Also, don't miss Chromebook Central (one of the top-tabs on this site).

Google Chrome is Google's web browser (way to access the Internet).  You can search from the URL bar, easily create bookmarks, and add apps and extensions!

Google Drive is an online space for creating, storing, collaborating on, and saving files in the cloud. Google Drive auto-saves files and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection.  File types include Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing, Forms, and more.  Both staff and students in OKCPS have access to Google Drive.

Google Classroom is a digital platform to create an online classroom space for assignments, announcements, discussions, grades, feedback, and a calendar. Classroom helps keep teachers and students organized, productive, and communicative.

Google Docs provides real-time document creation, editing, and collaboration between multiple users (when sharing permissions are granted). Users can add 'comments' in the margin, view revision history and restore old versions, and even increase the Docs' functionality with the Tools and Add-Ons tabs.

Google Forms provide a quick and easy way to collect and organize information.  Forms can be used to create surveys, auto-grade quizzes, facilitate reflection, and guide learning.  Response data from completed Forms is displayed visually and automatically placed in a Google Sheet.
Google Sheets (spreadsheets) organize and analyze data.  Make data stand out with color charts and graphs (even insert them into student portfolios). Sheets includes built-in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting options. 
Google Drawings is a great tool to create, share, and edit "drawings" - diagrams, charts, and visuals.  Just a few ideas for use include graphic organizers, blog headers, mind maps, timelines, and word wall posters. Drawings is equally powerful for both students and staff!
Google Slides helps you create, edit, and collaborate on presentations with a variety of themes, fonts, embedded videos, animations, graphs from Google Sheets, and more.  Presenter Mode within Slides increases functionality further with the ability to ask participants questions.

Google Maps provides users an opportunity to learn about the world in an engaging and visual way. Teachers can use Maps as tool to teach geography concepts, locating and measuring distances, as well as how to read a map.

Google Blogger is a tool for creating and publishing blogs. Blogs are regularly updated websites where the most recent post appears at the top.  They can include text, pictures, videos, and even be set to allow for public comments and feedback.  In education, they are powerful for reflection, publishing student writing, and publicizing class happenings and photos.

Google Sites is a free platform to design your own website!  You can easily insert images, YouTube videos, and files from your Google Drive directly on to the webpages.  The ability to have multiple "owners" or collaborators makes Sites a great option for classrooms, schools, and district departments.
Google Hangouts includes video chats/conferencing and instant messaging features.  Hangouts allows teachers to extend their classroom beyond their four walls as they connect with other classes and experts around the world.
YouTube allows users to create video playlists, narrate slideshows, and edit videos!  There's even an option to live stream and record.
*Sign in to YouTube with your OKCPS account.
Google Search Engine
and Google Scholar are powerful tools for research, especially when you know about the advanced features and tricks!

*OKCPS Self-Paced Series are housed in Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning).  All OKCPS staff and students can log in using their Active Directory username and password.  Certificates of Completion are available in Hoonuit for those who complete a series.