Enjoy these resources to help connect your class to the outside world: parents, authors, museums, other classes, and more!

Virtual Field Trips allow teachers to expand the four walls of the classroom and broaden students' perspectives.  No money for a school bus or flight around the world? No problem!

[Note: Google Maps is another great tool for VFTs. See the Google page of this site for info.]
Skype is a digital tool enabling video chat that can include text. SKYPE can be used to connect classrooms to other classrooms, community members, literary authors, and other individuals world-wide. 

[Note: Google Hangouts is a great alternative. See the Google page of this site for info.]
Blogs allow the writer to communicate, reflect, and share.  Student bloggers develop writing skills, grow as digital citizens (publishing and commenting), build connections, receive feedback, and reflect on learning.

[Note: Google's Blogger is a great option, currently only available to OKCPS staff, not students. 
See the Google page of this site.]

Seesaw is a digital portfolio empowering students to create and share their work through videos, photos, drawings, posts and embedded links and sharing student work in real-team with parents and families through the parent app. 

Twitter is a great way to get ideas and inspiration.  Follow smart people.  Stay connected.  Be relevant and use it to engage your students.

*OKCPS Self-Paced Series are housed in Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning).  All OKCPS staff and students can log in using their Active Directory username and password.  Certificates of Completion are available in Hoonuit for those who complete a series.