Model UN

Model UN is a simulation by students that replicates a real United Nations meeting. Students are chosen to represent a country in the United Nations and talk about current events with other students who represent other countries. The purpose of getting together at conferences is to debate issues, draft resolutions, and negotiate with allies and adversaries to solve worldwide problems.

McKendree University Model United Nations Conference (Fall 2013)

· Jordan O, Honorable Mention.

· Rachel M, Outstanding Delegate Award

· Aubrie S, Honorable Mention,

· Czeslawa W, Honorable Mention

Fall Conference

November 5th, 2013

November 6th, 2013

Spring Conference

April 8th, 2014

April 9th, 2014

April 10th, 2014

McKendree University Model United Nations Invitational (Spring 2013)

Group Awards:

Superior Delegation Award (Germany) [Kara, Ryan, Abbie, Jackson, Rachel, Tessa, Logan and Brooke]

Individual Awards:

· Tessa W,(Germany) Superior Resolution and an Honorable Mention, Special Political

· Ryan K, (Germany) Honorable Mention Science and Technology

· Kara S, (Germany) Honorable Mention, 6th Legal

· Logan T, (Germany) Outstanding Position Paper and an Honorable Mention, General Assembly

· Rachel M,(Germany) Outstanding Policy Statement and an Outstanding Delegate, Security Council

· Fiona W, (Canada) Superior Resolution

· Czessie W, (Canada) Superior Resolution

Blackburn College Model United Nations Invitational (Fall 2012)

Group Awards:

3rd Place (Germany) [Logan, Rachel, Kara,and Jordan]

Conference Dates

Fall 2012:

November 7th 2012

November 8th 2012

Spring 2013

April 9th

April 10th

April 11th

Model U.N. Award Winners

Fall 2012

Ryan K. - Superior Delegate Award, Science and Technology

Kara S. - Honorable Mention Award, 6th Legal

Tessa W. - Spring 2012 - Most Outstanding Resolution

Jared B. - Fall 2010 - Honorable Mention, Science and Technology