2013 Okinawa Future School Conference (OkiFSC)

未来の教育はすでにここに存在しています。しかし、なぜ生徒たちは従来の学習を続けているのでしょう? ウェブ2.0、マルチプルデバイス、ソーシャルメディア、ゲーム学習、ファブラボ、その他、ICTは国際教育として急速に日々変化しています。しかし、私たちも一緒に変化していっているでしょうか? 2013 オキナワフューチャースクールカンファレンスでは沖縄から世界へ、教育関係者同士お互い に刺激しあい、ノウハウを共有し、一緒にICTコミュニティーを作り上げていきましょう。 ICTは今日の生徒たちの夢を明日の現実に変えます。 沖縄フューチャースクールカンファレンス - 未来教育は今、ここ沖縄にあります。









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The future of education is already here...but why do students continue to learn in the past? Web 2.0, multiple devices, social media, game-based learning, FabLabs, and beyond. ICT is radially changing the world of international education! But are we changing with the times? The 2013 Okinawa Future School Conference -- educational stakeholders inspiring each other, sharing know-how, and building their own ICT connected learning community, from Okinawa, to the world. In our hands, ICT turns the students' dreams of today in to tomorrow's reality! OkiFSC -- the future of education, right here in Okinawa, right now!

(The Okinawa Future School Conference is designed to support all ICT educational stakeholders regardless of their degree of experience or level at which they are involved in education. The host school, Okinawa International School (OIS), the only International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Okinawa, is currently in its second year of implementing iFly2015, a 1:1 iPad learning initiative from Kindergarten to Middle School.)

Dates: Saturday, September 28, and Sunday, September 29, 2013
Presenters & Resources: Members of the OIS iFly2015 Leadership Team, educators from Okinawa International School, and other education experts from Okinawa, Japan, and internationally.
  • Schools of all levels are encouraged to send teams consisting of: TEACHERS, ICT COACHES, ADMIN, etc.
  • members of local/city/prefectural GOVERNMENTS interested in supporting ICT-based education
  • members of the educational technology INDUSTRY
Cost: OkiFSC is free of charge.
Space: Since conference spaces and resources are limited, attendance in on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration opens on September 2nd. See the Registration page for more details.
Where: The host school, Okinawa International School (OIS), is located in Naha, Okinawa. Conference sessions will be held on the OIS campus (on Sept. 28), and Tenbusu Naha (on Sept. 29).