OS Notes

This section is a catch all for other information that I have found to be of interest and wanted to be able to share on our website.  More information can be found under downloads, weblinks, and video library.

1) 1/3 - 1/4 of patients with OS showed normal MRI.
2) MRI in OS frequently shows pathologies such as atrophic or destructive  nature. Hemimegalencephaly is one of the example.
3) MRI findings should be understood as secondary to epileptogenesis.
4) Primary mechanism is neurophysiological, not morphological. Many cases of OS shows focal spikes, but essentially  OS is caused by
subcortical mechanism.  OS belongs to generalized epilepsy syndrome.
5) MEG findings  are also secondary importance, and no value for diagnosis of OS.
6) For the diagnosis of OS, indispensable findings are early onset frequent tonic spasms and suppression-burst EEG which appear
irrespective for waking and sleep.
- taken from correspondence email from Dr. Ohtahara