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Weekend ahead

posted Feb 12, 2011, 8:14 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
  It has been a few days since my last post, not a whole lot going on in our household right now.  Cold weather and colds have kept us inside the last few days.  I have not wanted to venture out on my own with the boys when they do not feel very good and the weather is FREEZING.  Today though, with Dan along, we did get out and walk around a little at the store.  We have been looking at ideas for Aaron and Conor's first birthday!  I am already making plans for it, trying to get it perfect, but also wishing it were not so close! 
    I have been having trouble posting pictures in the gallery, but last night Dan fixed that problem, so when I get a chance again, I will actually be able to post some new pictures.  I have been taking several pictures a day of the boys, Conor standing against furniture and Aaron playing with his toys-sitting and eating cantaloupe! Today Aaron and Conor had cantaloupe for the first time, they both liked it and wanted more!  I hope this habit of good eating will continue. 
    Gavyn is doing well, no new updates as of right now, but he did well in surgery and I believe was moved out of PICU, so this is all good news. He even said thank you to a nurse who took his tube out.  What a sweet boy!  We are praying for a great recovery and for continued blessings on Gavyn and his family. 
    Next week Aaron has his EEG, I am hoping to find out any news on future plans and praying that whatever is decided it is the best for Aaron.