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Weather and Other Ramblings

posted Feb 24, 2011, 9:09 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
    This week seems to have gone by quickly, almost Friday already.  For those that work regular hours, I'm sure it can not come fast enough! :)  I am looking forward to this weekend, although I have heard horrible updates on the weather...I thought it was supposed to stay 60 degrees.  I must be in Nebraska, land of weather that does whatever it feels like, no matter what!  I have a friend in KC that grew up here, when we met we talked about Nebraska weather, specifically the wind, now we always compare the weather wherever we are to Nebraska.   I took the boys out for a very short time today, just to my mom's house and back, no errands for them!  Too cold, it was fairly decent outside when we left the house, then back a couple hours later and there was snow all over the roads, but not at my mom's house.  Like I said, Nebraska weather, it could be hailing on your side of the street and your neighbors could be grilling out! :)   I took the boys for a walk yesterday, I loved the fresh air, hopefully someday soon we will be able to get out longer. 
    Aaron is doing very well in therapy.  He continues to progress with reaching, rolling, and sitting.  He sits independently and plays with any toy within his reach.  I am so proud of him.  Aaron will be fitted for a leg brace next month, I'm hoping this will help support his foot and ankle from turning out and give him what he needs to help him stand a little better. We have been working on standing a lot, which he likes to do, but his right leg does buckle underneath him. I'm hoping with more therapy and practice, this will occur less often. 
    Now I am looking for birthday presents for the boys. I am really looking forward to this milestone.  I love birthdays, does not have to be mine, but I just love birthdays.  I have found some awesome ideas that I am going to attempt to incorporate into their cake and other decorations. 
I will be sure to update on our appointment. 
Still Praying...