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posted Feb 1, 2011, 9:23 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
Why is it that I live in Nebraska, with snow, freezing cold weather, and snow drifts?!  Snow drifts, I was out shoveling the drive this morning just because of snow drifts.  All the other houses on our street seem to be free of snow, why, because it is in our driveway, your welcome neighbors!! :)  After a nice weekend, this week has been slow.  The weather has kept us all inside and even poor Gabriel is sick of it.  I love the nice weather of spring, summer, and sometimes fall.  I was so proud of myself to be able to take Aaron, Conor, and Gabriel for a walk-all at the same time, even more impressive, was me taking my children and little niece and nephew out all by myself to the park.  Spring...when will you be here? 
    Aaron's new splint is working pretty well and we are finding new and useful ways to implement it.  Aaron is still sitting all on his own and today he was on his knees playing with a toy.  He is not very steady but it is a work in progress and he is doing well.  He is a very strong, motivated little man.  Today towards the end of therapy he almost rolled by himself, he rolled to his side completely, then reached for the toy, could not get it, but then reached a little bit more, and grabbed the toy!  He was so close to just rolling all the way over, not yet.  Conor has started to crawl over Aaron, I think this might motivate some more movement from Aaron, he is not a fan of this at all. 
    Please keep Gavyn in your prayers as well. He is having a left hemi (same surgery as Aaron) in February.  Gavyn has Rassmussen's, not Ohtahara Syndrome, but the surgery is the same.  I have been keeping in touch with his mother and although this is a situation they did not want for their child, obviously, they are very strong and are doing what is best for Gavyn.  He is also having surgery in MN. 
Still praying...