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posted Jan 23, 2012, 12:15 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
We just had an appt. for Aaron with his neuro opthamologist today.  What an interesting appointment. I would love to be there all day and see how much I can learn! Maybe a job in my future! :)  I have had several questions about how someone can tell what Aaron's vision is when he can not talk or tell you what he sees or doesnt see.  Well they have many different tools and techniques.  There are cards with lines on them that look at vision and peripheral vision as well.  Not sure on how exactly (I'm not the doctor)!  Aaron also had his eyes dilated again today.  He was a champ, did not mind at all. The eye drops did not bother in one bit, had two drops in each eye.  At the end of the appt. the Dr. explained that Aaron's astigmatisms are better and there is no need at this point for him to wear his glasses!! yeah!! I told the dr. how "fun" it is to keep his glasses on him and how it has been a year long battle! I guess Aaron won the war for now!! :)  He also explained that he thinks Aaron has partial deficit on the right peripheral vision.  With Aaron's left hemi surgery, a known side effect is the loss of peripheral vision on the opposite side.  I asked for more clarification on what he thinks Aaron may be seeing or not seeing really on the right.  He explained he probably sees things towards the right as dim and he is definitely delayed when looking at objects toward the right compared to when he looks at the left.  He does not see details by any means but more objects, I'm translating some of that to mean, maybe even "shadows" of objects and movement towards the right.  I was happy to hear this.  So for now no glasses for little Aaron, although he looked really really really cute in them!!  At least I have tons of pictures of him in the glasses when he did wear them! :)  Our next appt. will give us more info on if he needs to wear them again or in the future.