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The 4th

posted Jul 1, 2011, 8:38 PM by Aarons Ohtahara   [ updated Jul 1, 2011, 8:50 PM ]
We are ready for the long weekend with Papa and gearing up for the Fourth of July celebrations.  This weekend the boys will see fireworks for the first time. Last year they slept and we really didn't show them any, not that I remember.  Part of me believes they will be interested, but the other part believes they will be upset with the loud noises.  I do not like really loud noises, but I'm so used to them, it doesn't bother me much, I think their little ears might have a more difficult time.  Right now our neighborhood has been shooting off fireworks for the last week and if it is anything like last year, we will hear fireworks for up to two weeks after the fourth.  I think they will get used to them by the end of it all.  I'm looking forward to celebrating another holiday with them and eventually sharing why it is such a celebration.  Of course with Mama and Papa having a military background, our pride goes strong! :)  We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Independence Day!
Still Praying....and speaking of praying.... please add these children to your prayers. For some specifics, Hunter and his family need prayer right now, he is having a difficult time and the more people praying for him, the better.  Harper has been in the hospital twice last month, but seems to be doing better, so keep praying-it's working!  :)  Lots of praise too, Sophia is rolling over and Aiden has had 4 days of seizure freedom, this is a huge blessing and praying for continuation of this would be wonderful.  Max is on day two of post op and doing great!!  These children are such blessings to us, some may find that difficult to believe, but even though I have only met a handful, I know how amazing and special each and every one of them are.