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Scooting in the right direction...

posted Aug 2, 2011, 8:52 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
    What a busy week this is turning out to be and it is only Tuesday!  We are back to a normal therapy schedule this week, last week both OTs were on vacation so Aaron got a slight break. That does not mean that he slacked off though.  His therapists will be so happy to see his progress!!  He continues to do well with sitting, pulling to stand, all the consistent things he has been doing; but just recently he has decided to start scooting on his bottom!  I am so excited about this, the farthest I have seen him scoot is about a foot, but this is an achievement and I will gladly take it! :)  For the last couple weeks I have noticed him getting the scooting down, but only moving about 2 or 3 inches, not very noticeable.  Half the time I couldn't remember if I sat him there or he actually scooted to the spot, but he did some half turns earlier this week too, so I could definitely see him trying.  He is so so so cute!  He just kicks his little legs and scoots his butt forward, I will attempt to get this on video this week and share.  Tonight though was my favorite moment with him scooting. I was sitting in front of him and he began to scoot just a little bit, about 4 or 5 scoots and he was close enough to reach out to me and he grabbed my arm!  He scooted to me!!  :)  This was after I got home from choir practice and thanks to Grandma M. the boys got to stay home and play!  Also when I got home Conor got off the couch, walked to me, and laid in my lap. He was pretty worn out from the long day we had.  These moments are just so good!  Another step or scoot in the right direction for Aaron! Praise the Lord for that.  It is so very good to see His work.
    More good news belongs to Harper, he had an appt. in NY this week and the appt. went well. His neuro was very optimistic about new treatment plans for him and I am so happy to hear this.  I have been praying for this little boy so much!
    On a side note, I would appreciate an extra prayer for my mother, thank you.
Still Praying... I have not ended with that in awhile, but I have not stopped praying!!