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Memorial Day

posted May 31, 2011, 8:44 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
Memorial day is very special for Dan and I. We both have military backgrounds and are very proud to have served our country. We also remember our family and friends on memorial day and look forward to sharing our stories with Aaron and Conor.  We had a pretty busy weekend.  Dan had an extra day and a half off of work, which was so very nice. I wish he had another day off, but he works so hard for our family, we just take advantage of the extra days we get!! :) 
    Saturday afternoon we finally got to use our bike trailer for the boys.  We got this gift at a baby shower and the boys are finally old enough.  Aaron and Conor liked the trailer, I think they would have enjoyed it more if I had not put helmets on them, but I insist on them being worn.  Dan rode a little ways with them on his bike and then Aaron and Conor played in the grass at the park. They love the outdoors, so far anyway.  The grass does not bother them at all. Conor was crawling around just like at home and Aaron was playing with the grass, picking it up and making it rain over him. :)  My mom tells me that I hated grass when I was a child. I refused to walk on it, let alone crawl or anything else.  She put me on a blanket in the grass and I did not leave that blanket. My grandpa also told me he had to carry me to the blanket and the toys due to the grass in between us.  Enough childhood stories for me. :) 
    Memorial day we had family and friends over at our home and even though it was windy, spent most of the day outside. Dan did an awesome job with the hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs; all the other food was wonderful too. I left it up to everyone what to bring and we had no duplications, which meant a lot of food for all of us and the two dogs.  I do not know what got into Gabriel and my brother's dog, but they were mischievous all day long. They got brats, buns, and watermelon off plates and out of hands.  Gabriel has never done this before, I think it was because I was not outside to see this all happen.  :)  Aaron and Conor got a chance to play in the little pool we have and it was wonderful. They loved splashing around and had a great time. Conor crawled around in the water.  It was fun to watch them in the water. 

    We had a great weekend, as usual is went by pretty quickly. Even those few weekends that we do not do a lot, always seem to be over quickly.  Thank you to all those who have served and we say an extra prayer for those who have friends and family they are remembering not only on memorial day, but everyday. 
Still Praying...