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Holiday kickoff...

posted Dec 11, 2011, 7:36 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
We have had another busy eventful weekend. We had friends in town...Harper's family!!  We were very very excited to have them in town and spend the whole weekend with them.  They are so wonderful and Harper is such a little blessing.  I got to hold him too!! He is so cuddly and cute. :) 
We started the weekend off with a parade in our downtown area. It was so cute and it was Aaron and Conor's first parade. They watched it all, but they really didnt know what was going on. Just another event mom and dad take us to!  The parade included Santa, Mrs. Claus, a polar bear, and the characters from Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. It was very cool.  After they did some scenes from the play. 

We then headed to lunch at the Dundee Dell, what a great place to eat! Fish and Chips is their specialty!!
Then dinner at our house with everyone, pumpkin pie for desserts and presents for the kids! 
After church we spent all afternoon at the Children's Museum and had a great time. It was especially nice because Dan was able to be there as well. This was his first time to be there with the boys and he put on an entertaining puppet show for Aaron, Conor, Harper, and Emma.  They all loved the ball area and the dinosaurs!!  It really was a lot of fun.  Their family is just about as busy if not more busy than we are, so it was really nice to find time to meet up again and do something like this with our children.  Harper was awake for pretty much all the museum and his eyes got so big when he saw the huge dinosaurs!!

We ended our evening with our first Christmas party. It was really really nice. Dan's co workers put it together and they did an awesome job! Lots of good food and plenty of attention for the boys.  By the end of the party Conor was telling everyone "night night, bye" He was soooo tired, poor little guy. They both did so well though considering they did not nap as long as they normally do.  I was so proud of them!! Aaron even played with a little girl there, they were so cute together-sharing toys. 
Finally the boys are in bed and hopefully dreaming wonderful dreams. 
We had a wonderful weekend, we are looking forward to Christmas, and we look forward to our next trip with Harper's family!!! 
Harper and Brianne