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EEG Results

posted Mar 3, 2011, 11:20 AM by Aarons Ohtahara
    Yesterday we got the results from Aaron's EEG from Dr. Pavkovic.  He has told us that there are no seizures originating from the right side, some may still be crossing over but that he can not see a lot of this and some of it may be reflective, meaning the left side of his left hemisphere works at such a high amplitude that it is picked up through the skin, etc.  Aaron still has that connection and his left side is almost continuously seizing, which we already knew, but with the surgery this does not seem to be a problem.  Also Aaron's EEG did change, he no longer has a burst suppression pattern, which I knew from looking at the monitor during his EEG.  I sure have learned a lot from all of this.  Dr. P. says that the activity is more organized than say a hypsarrhythmia (infantile spasms) but is still continuous.  This again is not a concern for his doctor because Aaron has had surgery.  You may or may not be able to imagine what it would be like for Aaron if surgery was not an option, even more reason to pray for these children!!  We are now waiting for Dr. Ritter to view his EEG and give his input before knowing if anything else should be done with the connection or not.  I am very happy with the results of the EEG, Aaron is doing really well and has developed so much.  Aaron's doctor was happy with how well he is doing and also commented on how he babbles/makes noises.  Speech originates on the left hemisphere, so this may be an indication that Aaron's right hemisphere has taken that part over or always has. The doctor also agreed that Aaron's left hemisphere is not doing much for him at all since utero and beyond, so the right side probably took a lot on from the very beginning.  We continue to pray for the best for Aaron and are really happy with how well he is doing.
    Aaron officially rolls!! This is such awesome news, I can not say how long we have been working with him on this.  Last week was the first time he did it by himself!!  Now he rolls several times a day and purposefully rolls to get a toy just out of reach.  I am so excited about this. :)  He has been working really hard during therapy and it is showing.  I continue to encourage this rolling and so far he is very consistent with it.  Praise God for this!!  Rolling is a six month skill I believe, so for obvious reasons Aaron is delayed physically, but what he lacks physically, he makes up for with heart!  I think all the families that I have been in touch with have such remarkable children, they seem to have a drive that will take them very far.  Aaron looks so happy when he rolls and usually after he gets his toy will roll back to his back and start playing with it. Sometimes he stays on his belly and just hangs out, but mainly he likes to be on his back, sitting, or standing.  Rolling is just one way he can start to realize how mobile he can be. 
Still Praying...