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posted Apr 18, 2012, 12:00 PM by Aarons Ohtahara
Nothing like another delay in posts. Easter was great for us, we had a wonderful time and got to spend most of the weekend with family. We also celebrated Dan's birthday and had a lot of fun.  Easter is my favorite holiday, I love it all especially the celebration of Jesus! Then of course the Easter egg hunts and coloring eggs.  The boys participated in it all this year, to include coloring eggs. They were absolutely amazed by it.  They giggled with delight and their eyes got so big when they saw the eggs changing colors.  It was a great time.  Dan and I of course did a few eggs ourselves. :) 
The hunt was held at my Uncle's house. The boys loved being outside. This year Conor found so many on his own! He only found one on his own last year, what a big boy!! Aaron preferred to be outside and only played with a couple eggs, he wanted to scoot and enjoy the fresh air. We had wonderful weather so I can understand that! 
We have loved the weather we have been having, for the most part. We did have a couple days of rain, storms, and high winds, but now we are back to gorgeous weather.  The new favorite thing for the boys are bubbles! They adore them!! It is so cute watching them try to catch them and squeal with delight at them.  Indoor or outdoor fun for us!  I will attempt a few pictures next time as well!! :) 
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and everyone enjoys the beautiful weather, don't forget Sunblock!! :)