Children Services

Children Service is run on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings during the shul service. On Friday night there are three groups, 2-5 boys and girls in the playroom, 6-12 girls in the lounge and 6 - 12 boys in the garden or brocha room. In the day, 2-5 boys and girls in playroom, while 6- 8  are in the lounge. The girls 9-12 are in the dining room or on the steps in the garden.  The boys 6 - 12 are outside.


Shiurim at Ohr Somayach Sandton take place during the week and on Shabbos. To see a calendar of our daily shiurim, here.

Bar and Bas Mitzvah Program

Rabbi Kraines teaches Bar- Mitzvah lesson to the boys, for more information see attached file or contact Rabbi Kraines at

Zeev Kraines,
Dec 5, 2010, 2:31 AM