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VPN4 Installation

1. HCCA has upgraded their VPN server. 
2. Open Internet Explorer and go to this site:
3. Log in with your VPN username and password. Keep Group selected to HCCA. 

4. Right Click on the yellow ActiveX and select Install ActiveX Control.
5. Select Run and the installer will install the new VPN software.
6. When finish installing, the below picture will appear. At this time, you are connect to your VPN account.
7. The closed yellow padlock shows you are connected to VPN.
8. Right Click on this icon in the system tray (lower right corner of screen) and select Disconnect.
To connect to VPN, go to Start to all programs to Cisco,Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.
10. To Pin Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client to your start menu, right click on the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client and select Send To and select Pin to Start Menu.
11. To connect to VPN, open  AnyConnect VPN Client
12. Press Select.
13. Type in your username and password then press Connect.

14. Once connected the VPN icon will appear in the system tray.
15. When finished with your VPN connection, right click on the VPN icon and select Disconnect.
16. Never just log off or shut down. Please disconnect your VPN session first.
Mar 29, 2010, 11:14 AM