Ohio High School Poetry Contest

2018-19 Student Poetry Contests

The Ohio Poetry Association (OPA) is pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the 2019 High School Poetry Contest. Journal prize winner, chosen by Steve Abbott, is Jenna Sawyer, Lake High School. Her winning poem will be published in the 2019 issue of Common Threads. Eligible poems were also sent to the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Manningham Trust Student Poetry Contest. Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. 


  1. Voices from the Past – Persona poem in any style in the voice of an American patriot from America’s past, e.g., a survivor from any war they fought in to keep America free. Sponsor: Mark Hersman; Judge: Scott Craig Mooney
    1st Khloe Kaskocsak (Lima Central Catholic)
    2nd Anna Delamotte (Lima Central Catholic)
    3rd Huijie Zhang (Lima Central Catholic)
  2. David Francis Smith Award – Poem in any form on any subject. Sponsor and judge: Chuck Salmons
    1st Abby Lewis (Louisville)
    2nd Evan Bartek (Miami Valley)
    3rd Lianna Goh (Bexley)
    HM: Trentin Hunter (Bexley); Alexis Torer (Aurora); Michelle Miao (Talawanda)
  3. Through a Window – Using a window as a frame, become an artist. Write a poem of what you see. Sponsor and judge: Great Expectations Writers (Betsy Richards)
    1st Madison Nihiser (Berne Union)
    2nd Shyann Finefrock (Berne Union)
    3rd Zoey Foster (Lima Central Catholic)
    HM: Ross Otto (Lima Central Catholic); Huijie Zhang (Lima Central Catholic); Ceili O’Brien (Wyoming)
  4. Humor – Poem that makes us laugh—amusing, humorous, funny. Sponsor and judge: Pat Snyder Hurley
    1st Mykaela Reed (Berne Union)
    2nd Zoey Foster (Lima Central Catholic)
    3rd Joe Chen (Lima Central Catholic)
    HM: Abigail Shupe (Berne Union); Cheyenne Miller (Berne Union)
  5. 10 X 10 – Blank verse poem on any subject consisting of ten lines, each line having ten syllables written in strict iambic pentameter. Sponsor and judge: Scott Craig Mooney
    1st Lauren Chaney (Lima Central Catholic)
    2nd Emma DeLong (Lima Central Catholic)
    3rd Katherine Siatkosky (Lima Central Catholic)
  6. Musical Ekphrasis - Ekphrastic poem in response to a painting that has music as a theme OR to a music concert. Sponsor and judges: PentaPoets: Patricia Black, Janet Ladrach, Sharon Fish Mooney, Robin Mullet, Rinda Sansom
    1st Taylor Wisser (Lima Central Catholic)
    2nd Katherine Siatkosky (Lima Central Catholic)
    3rd Nathan Stolly (Lima Central Catholic)
    HM: Morgan Chaney (Lima Central Catholic); Parker Stechschulte (Lima Central Catholic); Tyler Liu (Lima Central Catholic)
  7. A Sense of Place – Poem that captures a memorable landscape, cityscape, seascape, building, or interior. Sponsor and judge: William R. Reyer
    1st Jenna Sawyer (Lake)
    2nd Gus Cira (Lima Central Catholic)
    3rd Samuel Jacob (Tree of Life Christian)
    HM: Madison Nihiser (Berne Union); Katherine Siat kosky (Lima Central Catholic); Zoe Frager (Madison)
  8. Character Sketch – Poem about a person (actual or historical, fictional—book, not TV) or your own invention. Sponsor and judge: The Springfield Writers (Amy Jo Zook)
    1st Taylor Wisser (Lima Central Catholic)
    2nd Gennah Brown (Berkshire)
    3rd Ross Otto (Lima Central Catholic)
    HM: Matthew Crnkovich (Lima Central Catholic); Michael Seffernick (Lima Central Catholic); Madison Nihiser (Berne Union)
  9. Ars Poetica – Poem that has as its subject the art of writing poetry. Sponsor and judges: The Bistro Poets (Sandra Feen and R. Nikolas Macioci)
    1st Joe Chen (Lima Central Catholic)
    2nd Hannah Koehler (Lake)
    3rd Alexis Torer (Aurora)
    HM: Neva Taylor (Berne Union)
  10. Cinquain – An American cinquain. Sponsor: Teresa Santmyer; Judge: Chuck Salmons
    1st Jim Huang (Lima Central Catholic)
    2nd Jay Riepenhoff (Lima Central Catholic)
    3rd Jarrett Blair (Louisville)
    HM: Justin Ryle (Lima Central Catholic); Ceili O’Brien (Wyoming); Shyann Finefrock (Berne Union)
Ohio Poetry Association,
Sep 21, 2018, 3:03 PM