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Common Threads 2020 cover
Common Threads

Published annually and edited by Steve Abbott, Common Threads is an OPA members-only journal and is one of the privileges of membership. The journal features poetry of OPA members and contest winners, such as those who win the Ides of March and Ohio High School Poetry contests. 

OPA members can submit poems any time of year either by mail or electronically. Send up to four poems per year. Shorter poems (20 lines or less) preferred. Please include your mailing address, email address, and phone number. Email poems to Steve Abbott at

Mail hard copy submissions to:

c/o Steve Abbott
Common Threads
91 E. Duncan St.
Columbus, OH 43202

Submissions can be sent any time. Those received after September 1 will be considered for publication in the following year. For complete submission guidelines, click here.

Copies of Common Threads can be ordered using the button below. Shipping cost of $2.00 per copy will be added to all orders. Quantities are limited.

OPA Anthologies

Eclipsing the Dark
Edited by Steve Abbott and Christopher Minton
ISBN 978-0-9890998-2-0
Paperback, 68 p.
$12, plus $2.00 per copy for shipping

The latest anthology from OPA, Eclipsing the Dark celebrates the poets and poetry of the Sun & Moon Poetry Festival and Poetry at Perkins events from 2014 to 2019. The collection includes poems from many of the poets featured at these events, which celebrate the interconnections of humans and nature. Largely centered around ideas and imagery related to the night sky, the poems collected here offer an eclectic look at our place in the universe.

Among the 40 poets included are Amit Majmudar, Jim Daniels, Barbara Fant, Charlene Fix, Dionne Custer Edwards. The anthology includes a foreword by festival founder Paula Lambert. Cover photo is by Chuck Salmons. Cover artwork by Madison Perry (learn more at

Follow news and updates about the Sun & Moon Poetry festival on Facebook at

A Rustling and Waking Within front cover
A Rustling and Waking Within
Edited by Sharon Fish Mooney
ISBN 978-0-9890998-1-3
Paperback, 133 p.
Price: $10, plus $3.00 per copy for shipping

A Rustling and Waking Within is a celebration of art and poetry in Ohio. Edited by poet Sharon Fish Mooney, The 139-page perfect-bound book contains ekphrastic poems written by friends and members of OPA in response to various forms of art featured in Ohio's museums, galleries and other venues. The collection marks the culmination of several OPA writing events that were held in major art centers throughout Ohio.

Mooney hopes that “through this collection, the reader will want to view art that is currently located in Ohio or that has traveled through Ohio. We want the reader to get up close and personal by visiting the various venues where the art resides. Through these poems, we hope readers will experience some of what we as poets experienced when we viewed it.”

Click here to download the list of poets, poems, and links to artworks that inspired them.

Everything Stops and Listens

Edited by Steve Abbott
ISBN 978-0-9890998-0-6
Paperback, 133 p.
$10, plus 3.00 per copy for shipping

The OPA is proud to present Everything Stops and Listens, an anthology of poems by members and friends of Ohio Poetry Association. Edited by Columbus poet Steve Abbott, the collection is the first statewide poetry anthology in more than 60 years and features work by more than 80 OPA members and workshop leaders. Some of Ohio's finest poets lend a diversity of voices, from the humor of George Bigere to the performance-inspired Scott Woods to the internationally acclaimed haiku of Yvonne Hardenbrook.

"As varied in style and skill as these poets are, the subjects, settings, and voices in the poems all offer insights into the human experience that poetry explores," says editor Steve Abbott. "The speakers are equally varied, including older people on front porches, a grown child recalling a tender moment between his parents, a 10th-century serf, a 19th-century church sexton, and a ventriloquist's dummy,” he added. “Oh, and a trombone.”/p>

This is a must-have collection for anyone who reads, writes, and loves poetry.

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Ohio Poetry Association,
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