Nonprofit Consultants

We Help Nonprofit Organizations Accomplish

Their Mission
Does the business of being a nonprofit organization get in the way of achieving your compassionate mission?

The Ogden Post Consulting Group was founded to provide consulting services to nonprofit organizations to create or align strategic and operational plans to realize your overall mission and achieve your financial objectives. Our services are designed to guide you in selecting and adopting the specific business practices necessary to achieve your goals.

Our unique consulting approach has helped our clients:

  • Determine their strategic vision and direction
  • Prepare their strategic and operational plans
  • Align plans, resources and processes to meet stated objectives
  • Identify appropriate measures and outcomes
  • Develop a culture of accountability

Clear direction and specific objectives give you tangible results

Our approach to planning is led by our belief that strategic direction is not an event, but rather a process that should provide you with an ongoing mechanism to manage your organization. We accomplish this by:
  • Assessing the Organization
  • Establishing Direction
  • Implementing Change
  • Evaluating Performance

Who would benefit from our services?

Any nonprofit organization, foundation, consortium or not-for-profit agency that is having trouble achieving organizational or financial goals, reporting meaningful results to your stakeholders or utilizing resources effectively.

OgdenPost Consulting can help you:
  • Streamline cumbersome, unproductive processes
  • Align processes and functions with plans and outcomes
  • Create sound financial and program operations
  • Draw a roadmap to get you from now to tomorrow
  • Establish a culture of accountability throughout the organization
  • Accurately define and measure key performance indicators (KPI's)