Mr. Zawacki 2017-2018

Welcome!! The start of another exciting school year is upon us. I am excited for the new school year and the new changes that have taken place at the middle school over the past year. I am now teaching 6th grade math in a 90 minute block daily. I have thrown out all of the old chairs and desks and implemented flexible seating. Please come in and check it out! Thank you to those that donated to help make this possible! 

This year my theme is GROWTH MINDSET!! I want every student to have this mindset and have a positive attitude towards learning. My goal is for every student to value and take ownership of their own learning! 

Success in math is all about your mindset. Having a growth mindset and believing you can learn anything if you work hard instead of a fixed mindset where you believe you are either good at math or not, will be important for success in school and life. Your brain is a muscle that gets stronger at math by practicing math. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email or call. My contact information is included in the about me tab. 

Thank you,

Mr. Zawacki

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