Animation and Game Design

This course provides entry level and upgrade training in the principles of computer game design, programming, and business/industry awareness. Instruction integrates technical skills with Arts, Media, and Entertainment skills and the project management of the industry. Class activities involve team and individual projects in programming, animation, design and other media utilized

in the production of computer games. Students utilizing computer based game design software.

Architectural Design

Architectural Design will investigate how structure is designed and built as well as the layout of spaces between the walls. Students will be introduced to a variety of concepts in designing exterior and interior spaces. Students will apply the concepts introduced to a 'dream space' that they design and model utilizing computer based design software. Class activities will involve sketching, dimensioning, notations, floor plans, elevation plans, foundation plans, sectional plans and all phases of architectural plan development and design.

Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design will give hands-on experience in traditional darkroom photography as an art form in processing black and white film and prints.  This will include the history of photograph, function of the 35mm camera, techniques of shooting pictures, darkroom equipment and processes, development of film, print processing, and mounting techniques. VCD will explore the modern digital methods and techniques of photography while incorporating a technological experience in the use of Adobe Creative Suite to digitally edit, design, retouch, and create composite images for visual communication and self-expression. Assessment will be based on the appropriate use of software, image editing tools, composition, and designs based on artistic elements and principles.

Daily Schedule




7:26 - 8:12

Visual Communication Design


8:30 - 9:16

Architectural Design


9:20 - 10:06

Visual Communication Design


10:10 - 10:56



11:00 - 11:46



11:50 - 12:36

Visual Communication Design


12:40 - 1:26

Visual Communication Design


1:30 - 2:16

Animation and Game Design


2:20 - 3:00