Mrs. Weitzel and I are looking forward to getting to know our new students!


Dear Parents,

Please compare your child's list of reminders with the list on my website to make sure any Language Arts or Science homework is complete. Put a check mark next to each assignment that is finished. There will not be many assignments during the first week or so of school, but I want to establish the routine of having you check and initial his/her planner anyway.

If the work is not finished or if your child didn't show you the assignment, please write phrases like, "not done" or "didn't bring home, but says it's done," etc. Sometimes, but rarely, I will collect work as students finish it, but if I do, I will put a note on the list of reminders so that you know that your child won't be able to show it to you.

If your child tried to complete the assignment, but didn't understand, please "circle & sign." (Circle the part that was confusing and sign it.) Then Mrs. Weitzel or I will help your child as soon as we can.

There will also be "a top secret mystery word" for you to write into your child's planner. Can you or your child find any well-known sayings (idioms or proverbs) that contain this word? If so, discuss the saying with your child and have him/her write it on a Post-it and turn it in the next morning.

Thank you for your help!


Cindy Rodgers

P.S. To see this week's assignments click on the homework tab above.