We're changing the world!

Students in Mrs. Reed's 8th grade language arts classes at Fulton Jr. High are embarking on a mission to change the world.

Through research, planning and action students will implement projects that will have a positive impact on the world around them. Channeling our inner Steve Jobs, we will look for ways to "make a dent in the universe". Change can be big or small, and projects will vary wildly. Throughout the process, students will create and update websites. Our projects will end in May with an Expo to share our actions with the school.

Each class will have a page listing links to their individual websites. These pages are available to students only. 

The project components page lists specific details and documents specific to this project. Some documents (from Genius Hour 2015) are also available on Googe Classroom.

Videos We've Watched (or will watch) for Inspiration

Kid President - How to Change the World


Steve Jobs - Dreamers Change the World


Moonshot Thinking


Audrey’s 20% Time Promo - Library Benefit Concert


Kid President - Pep Talk for Heroes


Everyday Leadership


Thomas Suarez - 12-year-old ap developer


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