Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

In seventh grade social studies, students will explore America's history from the establishment of European colonies to the American Revolution to the establishment of the United States and conclude with westward movement.

This year in eighth grade social studies, students will continue to explore America's history beginning with the pre-Civil War era and then we'll continue on our chronological journey through this nation's history. There will also be a unit on the Holocaust.

I place great emphasis on our geography, government and citizenship as well as conflict and cause and effect. Students will also evaluate how these historic events impact us today. We will explore the differences and similarities to current events. Students will examine how principles such as Odyssey Community School's CIRCLE words manifest themselves historically as well as in the modern world.

Students will learn skills such as historical inquiry, analyzing primary sources and critical thinking. Students will examine history using different sources such as the textbook, the internet, newspapers, documentaries, movies, etc and show what they have learned using a variety of assessments.

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