Dr. Guijun Wang


Welcome to Dr. Wang's Research Group Webpage at Old Dominion University! 

Synthetic organic chemistry plays an important role in many other research areas such as biochemistry, medicinal and materials chemistry. The current main research efforts in the Wang group are centered on the synthetic methods development of chiral compounds especially compounds of biological interests and the synthesis and characterization of new functional biomaterials. The ongoing projects include the synthesis of chiral building blocks for medicinally important compounds, such as chiral heterocycles, conformationally rigid bicyclic amino acids, natural products and their analogs. The group is also working on new catalyst development especially for asymmetrical synthesis. Another main research area is the synthesis and study of novel glycoconjugates and carbohydrate based functional soft-materials such as hydrogels and organogels. This has significant applications in biomedicine and drug delivery.

Students will participate in interdisciplinary research projects in organic synthesis, bio-organic chemistry, medicinal and materials chemistry. Through an ongoing collaboration, graduate students will also have industrial internship opportunities in a pharmaceutical company's research and development division.

Main research interests:  

Synthetic organic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis, medicinal chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, biomaterials and supramolecular chemistry. 

The ongoing projects

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