Ongoing Research Projects

 Title Aims 
Conducting a City-Wide Training Needs Assessment Investigates the training needs of City of Virginia Beach employees by conducting a city-wide training needs assessment. 
Development and Validation of a Taxonomy of Effective Leader Behaviors in Construction Industry Identifies effective leader behaviors in the construction industry based on grounded theory analysis and validation with construction managers. 
Effects of Family-Work Conflict and Leadership on Occupational Safety Examines the negative effect of work-family conflict on construction worker safety and how it is buffered by positive leadership. 
Effects of Leadership and Trust on Occupational Safety Examines how relationships between leadership, trust, and safety performance vary when leadership and trust are embedded in the safety context. 
Effects of Occupational Injuries and Pain on Employee Work-Family Conflict and Psychological Distress Examines occupational injuries and pain as predictors of construction workers’ work-family conflict and psychological distress. 
Effects of Student Violence against School Employees on their Safety Perceptions, Burnout, and Work Engagement Examines the effects of student violence on school employee safety perceptions, burnout, and work engagement. 
Evaluation of the LeAD Safety Leadership Training Program Investigates the impact of the LeAD safety leadership training on the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of construction professionals using a pretest-posttest control group design and the internal referencing strategy. 
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Training Program for New Supervisors (On Hold) Examines the effectiveness of the City of Virginia Beach Foundations for New Supervisors training program in terms of changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors using a pretest-posttest control group design and the internal referencing strategy. 
Examination of Antecedents of Safety Motivation Examines the role of positive and negative leader behaviors on safety attitudes, norms, and perceived safety control, and how they impact safety motivation. 
Examination of Student Stressors and Strain Identifies and categorizes key stressors for ODU undergraduate students and evaluates the effects of these stressors on student achievement, health, and well-being. 
Measurement Equivalence of Safety Climate Measures across different Groups of Interest Examines whether safety climate is perceived similarly across construction and manufacturing industries, workers and supervisors, and males and females. 
Meta-Analytic Review of Safety Leadership Intervention Research  Conducts a meta-analysis on studies examining the effectiveness of safety leadership intervention and training programs. 
Multilevel Study of Individual and Organizational Predictors of Student Violence Examines the main and interactive effects of work hours, position, violence prevention training, and bullying prevention climate on school employee victimization across 11 schools.
Needs Assessment of Transfer Students: Barriers to Success Identifies and analyzes critical barriers to success and needs of ODU transfer students and their effect on academic performance and well-being.
Review of Safety Leadership Courses Offered in U.S. Construction Management Programs Nationwide investigation of the extent to which college and university construction management programs emphasize safety and leadership in their curricula.

Past Projects
Current Gaps and Directions in Safety ResearchIdentified gaps and future directions for safety climate research following a safety climate workshop. 
The Effects of Leader Justice and Support for Safety on Safety PerformanceAssessed the interactive effects of leader justice and leader support for safety on safety performance across two studies varying the context of leader just, general (Study 1) and safety-specific (Study 2). 
Measurement Equivalence of Personality Scores across different Administration ConditionsExamined the role of media and proctoring on the interpretation of personality items across paper-pencil proctored, computer-based proctored, and computer-based non-proctored conditions.
A Needs Assessment of Staff Well-beingIdentified workplace characteristics specific to employees in a physical therapy company, which were found either particularly helpful (resources) or challenging (stressors) in the course of daily work, and how these characteristics related to employee engagement and well-being. 
Prevalence and Predictors of Student Sexual Harassment against School EmployeesExamined the prevalence rate and predictors of sexual harassment against school employees perpetrated by students.
Review of Longitudinal Research in Occupational StressReviewed and discussed methodological issues in longitudinal research in occupational stress.