True Life Stories

A*Miss America of 1958     

In her new book, Miss America By Day, Lessons Learned from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love, Van Derber describes her life, both as a child and as a grown-up dealing with the aftermath of 13 years of sexual assaults. While the first half of the book is biographical, the second half is educational. She describes the ongoing physical battles she dealt with as a result of the abuse. Terrifying insomnia. Physical pain that went undiagnosed for years. Emotional trauma that oftentimes left her with paralysis. Fears of sleeping in any room without a lock on the door. Complicated behaviors, which might not make sense to most health care professionals – unless they were educated in the signs and symptoms frequently associated with abuse survivors.

*Case Study:   Is abortions okay in the case of incest?

A 15 year old girl was admitted to the centre's emergency service complaining of menstrual delay for 6 months and pelvic pain. The ultrasound revealed positive for a fetus.  She was diagnosised with preterm labour.  After questioning by social service, the girl admitted that her father was the father of her child. She said that her father had been raping her for 8 months and had threatened that if she told anyone that her would kill her. Her mother was also aware of the sitituation.

*A sister and brother kissed each other as kids because they had never done it before. The girl said it was her brother's idea and she didn't mind. When it happened she didn't feel weird about it and didn't like nor hate the kiss. After pyschological analysis she showed to signed of being abused, yet this is still considered incest.

*There was a teenage girl who had a gay mother and her mother used to make the girl give her oral sex. She would do this because she said that it was best that her daughter was gay and she figured she would teach her this at a young age. The girl ended up telling someone at her high school and she was taking from her mother and put in foster care and needed to go to therapy

*A 16 year old girl and her sister were dating these 2 guys that were brothers. They have conversations about the pleasure they got from their boyfriends kissing their breasts. They said they had never experienced that feeling before and they wanted to know what it felt like. So the kissed each others breasts. They never felt guilty about it and never did it again.

*An 8 year old and her 11 year old brother had their first sexual experience together. The brother tried to put his penis in her sister while she was in bed one night. It didn't feel weird and he kept it in for a little bit. But she said she got nothing out of it. There was no emotion and no passion in  the situation. He couldn't get his Penis in because he didn't have an erection. he was on top and was not hold the sister down.

 *There was a 6 year old boy who was being molested by his father. The boy never told anybody until after her began to get rapped after the turned 10. The boy ended up having psychological issues and rapping and molesting another boy, not one of his family tho.