Art Class Begins Here!

Genesis 1:1-- In the beginning God CREATED the heavens and the earth.


About the Art Room:
Hello! I'm Mrs. Lloyd (formerly known as Miss Froggatt), Art Teacher at OCSI. Wecome to the Art Room! Here is some information that I hope you will find helpful. For more details about specific classes please use the navigation bar on the left. I hope you have an excellent year!
    Teacher Name: Carolyn Lloyd
    Room Number: 214 (second floor, middle of
                                  the school)
    Room Phone Number: x214
    Teacher Email:
    Current Classes:
                Elementary -- 1st-5th Grade Art
                Middle School -- 7th and 8th Grade Art
                High School -- High School Art I and 
                                            High School Art II

PLEASE NOTE: This website is maintained in order to provide basic information only, as it would be impractical to post 'play-by-play' updates for the twelve different student groups that I teach. For information about current projects and homework, or to address individual concerns, please feel free to email me.