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Feel free to look around although most of the information is from last year and we will be changing a few minor things for this year. Looking forward to seeing you all in August. 

Below is the supply list you need for 7th and 8th grade Pre-Algebra for the 2017-2018 School Year. 
  • Pencil (mechanical is better) and eraser
  • Red Pen
  • Plenty of B-5 size graph paper with 5 mm. squares and 26 holes. These are more easily found at stores like Tsutaya or the stationary store in San-A as the ones in the 100 yen store usually do not have holes. If you do buy B-5 5 mm. graph paper from the 100 yen store I have a hole puncher you can use to punch holes in it in class. If you choose to do this please find a pack of paper that rips out cleanly on the left side to make it easier to punch holes in later. 
  • 26 Ring B-5 Binder. I recommend the ones with metal rings (not at the 100 yen store), but it's up to you. 
  • 5 tabs for the Binder. (100 yen store) 
  • Ruler that is approx. 6 in. or 15 cm. It does not matter if it is in or cm. because it will mainly be used for a straight edge for graphing lines. 
  • Basic calculator with a √ button (although we will only use them for some units) 
  • Two packs of 3X5 in. (12.5 x 7.5 cm.) index cards. It's about the size of an iphone. If you can find the ones that look like graph paper I like those the best, but if you can only find ones with lines that will be ok. 
  • One box of tissues (to be used by the class during the year)
  • Optional: (not required, but useful) Compass and Protractor
Please note: I will check to see all of the supplies on Aug. 28th and if you can get them sooner that's even better. If you have trouble getting these supplies by then please send me an email or letter explaining the situation. Also, students should replace/replenish any missing or used items throughout the duration of the school year.  

If you would like to access your grades, please use the link below. 

Below please find the "Middle School Assignments Calendar" where major assignments, test, and projects will be posted. For daily HW and assignments please check the student's Agenda book