Reading Buddies

Secondary students went to read to Elementary students last Thursday:

Welcome Back!!!

Hope you are all rested up and ready to start a new school year!

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    A/R Website
    • Here is the website for taking A/R tests

    Please have your homework completed and turned in on time.
    The Homework policy is that late HW receives partial credit. Homework will not be accepted after 1 week (it receives a zero).  

    History Homework
    The HW for History class will usually be one of the following:
       1) Reading - Students should read the section from their textbook.  
    "3.3" means chapter 3, section 3. 
       2) Vocabulary - Students should write the vocab words from that section into their History Notebook.
       3) Questions - Students should write the questions and answers from the end of the section.  Usually, it is just questions 3, 4, & 5.

    What are "Folder Checks" and "Notebook Checks?"
    Folder Checks - Worksheets handed out in class are to be stored in a folder 
    (There is a separate folder for English and for History).
    The Folder is graded as "Participation."

    Notebook Checks 
    Class notes are kept in the notebook. Both the Notebook and the Folder are collected and checked while students take tests. So, whenever there is a test, the Notebook and Folder are also checked and graded.
    The Notebook is graded as "Homework."

    Welcome to 

    6th Grade!

    I am Mr. Pallmann and I am really looking forward to teaching this year. 

    I teach all 6th Graders English and History, as well as Bible for some of you.

    I grew up in New York, but have lived in Pennsylvania, Hawaii and now Okinawa. 

    My wife and I first came to Japan in 2001 and we call it our home now.

    I am looking forward to a great year!