Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!
I am Miss Sorley and this is my 16th year teaching 4th grade at OCSI. This year we have 17 students in 4.1 (11 boys and 6 girls). 
Please check back here for weekly updates and photos of our class.

Over Spring Break, students are asked to write the first draft of their own original story, including these elements:
Good beginning to catch the reader's attention, description of characters, description of setting, problem not easily solved, dialogue, solution that makes sense, good ending sentence, incorporate at least 10 vocabulary words we learned this year (see list below).

Vocabulary List to choose from for story: 
latitude, longitude, standard form, expanded form, classify, vascular, vertebrates, adaptation, feudalism, judges, quotient, multiples, partial, redeemer, jury, pilgrimage, physiology, distributive, operations, visualize, common noun, proper noun, position, persuade, climate, independence, customs, pronoun, humidity, anemometer, temperature, equivalent.

We had a fun school spirit week in 4.1!

The Science human body projects made by 4.1 students were fantastic! Here are photos of each of the 5 body system groups:

We had a fabulous Christmas Program on Friday, December 2! Below are a few photos from the evening:

On Friday, October 28, 4th grade had a photo scavenger hunt finding plant and animal classifications at Neo Park!

Our Friendship Friday T-shirts arrived!  The kids were excited about the new design for this year:

Here is the link to an album of Camp Photos - we had a great week!

Here is our fun beginning-of-the-year video made by the OCSI Elementary Staff - we're so excited!

Below is my Open House Presentation:

Sorley Open House Presentation 2016.ppt

Lisa Sorley,
Sep 23, 2016, 12:29 AM
Lisa Sorley,
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