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Need a Permission Slip?

For most activities, field trips, and special after school events outside of the normal school schedule students are required to have a permission slip (we call it Student Activity Permit) signed by the parents in order to attend. Usually there is a letter or flier that goes home to describe the event and then another piece of paper that needs to be signed. Throughout the year we will try to post the letter giving the details of the event to the announcements page, but just in case your child doesn't have the activity request you can still write in a hand written note or print off another one from home using the document attached below. We hope you find this tool helpful if you need it at any time throughout the year. Please do read the instructions on the document to ensure that the requirements are met. 

Thank you. 

The Middle School Team


Brad Skarin,
Sep 24, 2012, 2:26 AM