Mrs. Metz's Japanese Class

    Let's Speak Japanese!
Welcome to Mrs. Metz's Japanese class!
I am so excited to teach Japanese to all of you.

My name is Katsumi Metz. I am from Osaka, Japan.
I have lived here in Okinawa 26 years and have been teaching Japanese at OCSI over 24 years.

It is my joy to teach Japanese to students who have never studied Japanese before.

I love to see them grow their confident in Japanese language and connect with people in Okinawa. Okinawa is such a beautiful place to live and I would like to all of my students to explore Okinawa with language they learned here at OCSI!

I am a wife, a mother of four children, and a grand mother. I married to a retired marine who currently runs auto repair shop in Yomitan. My children, 2 girls and 2 boys. The oldest daughter is a youth pastor at Yomitan International Church. My boys are serving country in US Army and US Air Force.
My youngest daughter is a sophmore at Azusa Pacific university in CA. 

I studied Japanese history and culture at Tezukayama Junior College and currently I am a college student of Japan university.
I major in English literature and enjoy reading American novels and poems this summer.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via Email:

Tutoring (secondary):  Wednesday,
 3:15~ 4:00 / # 310                                  

The following URLs link to help your Japanese study:

                       Joy in the Fellowship of God

           O God, You are my God;

           Early will I seek You;
           My soul thirsts for You;
           My flesh longs for You
           In a dry and thirsty land
           Where there is no water.
           So I have looked for You in the sanctuary                           

           To see Your power and Your glory. 


                                           "Equipping students to walk with God and 
                                                         impact the world for Him"

I had an opportunity in California to meet with alumni of the class of 2001 this summer. He is currently working with Kawasaki Robotics, Inc
as an engineer. He shared with us that he is a bridge between Americans and Japanese in his company. 
He is impacting the world for Jesus!