Class: MS Japanese D

Hour: MWF: 10:05-10:50, TU: 9:45-11:00

Teacher Name: Ms.Hitomi Yabe

Room Number: 312

Email Address: Please e-mail me through Jupiter.

Website Address:

School Phone Number: 958-3000

The best time for parents to call me: 11:45-12:15 (If this is not convenient for you, please e-mail me.)

Course Description: Students who already speak at a basic conversational level develop fluency and build their vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. They continue to acquire kanji (Kanji Kentei Test levels 10-7) and are encouraged to take the Kanji Kentei Test. Student who have completed this class are considered as almost the same level as N4 of the Japanese Proficiency Test. Genki II is the textbook used in this class.

Our Goals:

1. Students will be able to read and understand up to 2nd-3rd grade level in Japanese.

2. Students will be able to write essays in Japanese using kanjis.

3. Students will acquire vocabulary and many expressions.

4. Students will learn kanji up to 1st-4th grade level (Kanji-kentei : Level 10-7)

5. Students will learn Japanese culture, custom and manners.

6. Students will learn a moral in a biblical way and how to apply it to their own lives.

7. Students will be encouraged to take a Kanji Kentei Test. (Details will be given later.)

Class Activities:

1. We start with a prayer and read a Bible verse in Japanese.

2. Students will work on their kanji worksheets for the first 10-15 mins of the class.

3. Students will write essays in Japanese.

4. Students will be given a listening comprehension test at the end of each chapter.

5. Students will be given quizzes (vocabulary, memory verse and/or kanji) and tests.

Materials Needed:

1. Two Japanese notebooks (for classwork and homework)

*Students may purchase notebooks from the teacher. (120 yen each)

2. A4 size file folder to keep the handouts (Any kind of folder is acceptable.)

3. Pencils, highlighters and other writing instruments

Class Text:

Genki II

Other Resources:

Genki II workbook

Handouts (will be given by the teacher)


Tests: 45% (paper tests, essay final draft(s), listening comprehension tests)

Homework: 20%

Quizzes: 10%

Classwork/Participation: 15%

Kanji Participation: 10%

Class Expectations:

1. Believe in yourselves and be willing to do your best (you know more than you realize)

2. Actively participate in class, such as answering questions and taking notes

3. Be willing to make mistakes, many times the best way to learn is by trial and error

4. Turn in all assignments on time. See Homework Policy below for details. (If there are extenuating circumstances, I will address that on a case by case basis - students will need to meet with me to discuss the situation)

5. Excused absence does not mean you are excused from the day’s assignments.

6. Absent work needs to be made up in a timely manner.

7. You must show your work on all assignments and tests.


1st Quarter: Unit 13 /kanji/memory verse

2nd Quarter: Unit 14/kanji/memory verse/essay

3rd Quarter: Unit 15/kanji/memory verse

4th Quarter: Unit 16/kanji/memory verse

*This may change as we go along.

Class Rules:

1. Speak Japanese.

2. Always be on time and on task.

3. Respect each other (to the teacher and to the classmates).

4. You can make up quizzes. (Details about the make-up quiz will be given by the teacher.)

5. Students are not allowed to walk in the classroom during the class unless they get permission from the teacher.

6. Students should use pencils to write in their notebooks, tests, quizzes and essays. When you make mistakes, you need to erase with erasers. Scratch-outs are not acceptable; however, white-outs are acceptable.

7. If you misbehave in class, you will receive a check.

8. You will get 1 check when you go to the bathroom during class. If you get three checks, you will serve a lunch detention.

*You can ask the bathroom only at the beginning of the class if you didn’t have enough time before class. Then teacher will give you permission to leave for 3 minutes.

9. No chewing gum/No sleeping during class.

10. No drawing on textbook, notebooks, materials and desk .

11. You will get a check when you forget to bring materials, notebooks, file, pencils or an eraser. If you get three checks, you will serve a lunch detention.

12.If you damage your textbook. A new textbook will need to be purchased by the student.

Homework Policies

Late assignment ・・・-10% per day

*If a student does not turn in missing class work (s)/homework(s) by the final deadline (The date will be announced.), he/she will receive zero(s).