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Book Projects

These are quarterly projects that allow students to explore a particular genre in greater depth.

Due Date
Project Photos
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 1st Quarter
Due: Friday, October 16th

Since our camp dates changed the project is now due on the 16th!

Realistic Fiction
Sandwich Book Project

Top Bread Slice: Write the book title, author, illustrator, and your name

Lettuce: Write a one-paragraph summary of the book

Cheese: Write about a part of the book that made you happy

Meat: Describe the main character in one paragraph

Onion: Describe a part of the book that you thought was sweet or sad. Write what you thought of the book.

Tomato: Describe or draw the book's setting
Bottom Bread Slice: Tell what you liked or didn't like about the author's style

After reading a realistic fiction book, you will fill out the 7 pieces of information required to make a great "book sandwich." You then neatly color the papers, cut them out, and use a paper fastener to put them together. On the due date be prepared to share your book and project with the class! This project focuses on narrative elements and our responses to great stories.

Due: Friday, December 11th

Mystery or Adventure
Book Jacket

Sample that is typed

Sample that is handwritten

After reading a mystery or adventure book you will create an original book jacket that has a front and back cover, a spine, and an two inside flaps. Little details like bar codes and publisher information help to make the book jacket unique.

Due: Friday, February 19th
File Folder Report
 image coming soon!
Due: Friday, April 30th
Newbery Award (variety of genres)
         Project:          Approach paper
 image coming soon!
Thanks to Heather Renz from Redmond Oregon for these great projects and ideas!