"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature.  The old things passed away; behold, the new things have come." 
 (2 Corinthians 5:17)

( January 23-March 24, 2017)

23- Monday, Third Quarter begins
26th- Thursday, 2nd Quarter/First Semester Report cards issued 

 3, Friday- Kg.- Trip to the "Kodomo No Kuni" Zoo
(Parents are most welcome to come join us!)
 20, Monday -NO SCHOOL- Presidents' Day
21, Tuesday- Progress Reports  Due

20, Monday- Elem./Kg. Student-led Conferences 
  No School for Students
24, Friday- 3rd Quarter Ends
27, Monday- 4th Quarter Begins


Thank you so much for all parents who were able to join us at the zoo this beautiful and sunny morning!  Once again you have shown us your support of your children`s education at this young age!  It means a lot to us and we thank God for giving all of us a wonderful, safe and fun times observing animals. All the conversations going on with parents, as they also help each other in small and big ways, was also a joy to watch. 
We have a mighty God who wants us to enjoy our families, this beautiful world He created and His countless blessings.  We thank God so very much and I also thank God for our K4 family!!








We are able to nap in our classroom again!  The children are fine and are able to get restful naps on a daily basis. 
Kindly be reminded to send your children`s blankets on a weekly basis! 
And please remember that with all students we have and 
NOT enough space in our cubbies, we cannot afford to have pillows!! Two thin blankets or one thick one will be sufficient for an hour nap everyday. 
Thank you for your understanding and support of our napping situation!


Besides the daily singing we do everyday,  we have a formal Music class led by our elementary Music teacher, Mrs. Reasoner.  Praise God for her willingness to take us in into her busy schedule! The children had fun with our first formal Music class.
It will only be once a week, on Wednesday mornings from 9:00-9:20 AM. 
Using rhythm sticks, the children learned the musical terms:
adagio- slow
alegro- fast
piano- soft
   forte-  loud
and they will be learning more musical skills and terms each time! 
Practice these terms with them at home, too. 

Music and rhythm sticks 

 After the Character Parade, we had a Large Group Reading Time with our principal Brad Jernberg for all kindergarteners ( and some parents). He read us a funny story about Tacky, a penguin!






1. It is important that your child wears his/her name tag to school everyday!  
When they get lost, please purchase a new one immediately or I can help you purchase that for you, just let me know, or I can write you a note  

2. Book bags/back packs needed everyday! Wear socks to school everyday-children will not be allowed to play in the play ground with out socks on. 
3.  Regular class attendance is very important-a healthy habit that is great to develop at this young age.  When late to school, ( later than 8:30 AM ), please go to the office to get a late slip before going to the classroom. In times of absence, please call the office to inform us and the reason behind it. 

4 . Sickness-child should stay home when he or she has a fever of 37.5 degrees C or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or higher; hard and continuous coughing, runny nose.

5. School lunch- child has to eat at least one bite of each item in the school lunch menu.  

6.  Behaviour Management-please read these from the web site when you can so you know of our expectations. 

7.  Academic  Conferences-attendance highly requested-20 minutes

November 3- Parent-Teacher Conferences for first quarter 
March 20-Student-led Conferences for third quarter

7. Have a regular study time at home-at least fifteen minutes daily (practice conversational English for second language learners, play educational games, read story books to your children, draw pictures, make arts and craft projects,  learn to recognize upper and lower case alphabet letters, practice name writing correctly, watch an educational video, etc.)

8. Parents are invited to most of our field activities-please try to come as much as possible! Children`s permission slips will be sent home most of the times, and need to be signed by parents or guardians then sent back to the teacher as soon as possible.


Our ON LINE STUDENT INFORMATION -PHILOSOPHY, POLICIES, etc. was made for you to read thoroughly so you will be familiar with:

-the  kindergarten philosophy
-how these apply to our teachings
-the different programs we offer in this department
-progress and report cards
-summer school requirement (mostly for Japanese)
-after school program-limited number of students
-typhoon procedures
-parent teacher conferences
-parent Involvement
-office policies on enrolment, tuition, withdrawal, visitors,
 health requirements
-main school events-Fall Walkathon and Spring Bazaar
-class rules, safety regulations  and policies-food, 
 attendance, name tags, 
school preparedness, nap time, 
 clothing, behaviour management, use 
of language, school hours
-other procedures-drop off and pick up, bus riding, special arrangements
-supply list

                                          ( visiting our website )

- type in Okinawa Christian School International
- click on Student Hand Book 
- and click on places where kindergarten informations are listed. 
Also, OCSI is on Facebook, so please visit this social media and look for fun things about OCSI activities, accomplishments, schedules and your children`s pictures from time to time!  


                                                 UNITED  K4  STANDS !


K4 children and teachers work together to make individual and class academic and social improvements on a daily basis! Together, we explore what things are best for children who are struggling in class and how to challenge those who excel. We solve problems together by thoroughly investigating the roots or causes of situations occurring on regular basis or not, and also seek parent help to reinforce ways that are helpful.  Thank you God for helping our class go through each day`s challenges with your wisdom and guidance!



Our Kindergarten team has been observing and working on improvements in our schedules for maximum efficiency in our daily teaching times.  We are putting these new schedules to test and use this year and it seems to be working well for K4 class!


With the new schedule in place,  K4 children are able to take their naps in our own classroom and therefore, we are able to accomplish more throughout the day!

Children lead the class without help during calendar times as they get more comfortable and efficient doing this oral language skill activity using a sentence pattern they learned. 

Instead of our class climbing three stories of steps to the library for our Library Day,  Mrs. Meredith now comes to the classroom to read to the class and then the children have free choice book reading time of library books selections she brings with her.  

She also brought a High School  senior student assistant with her,  who happened to be one of my K4 students 14 years ago!  How nice is that!!

                                            BACK TO SCHOOL FUN!

The children are now making more complicated shapes and structures and developing their fine motors more by the day!


CHAPEL CLASS TIME IS NOW ONLY K3/K4 CLASSES COMBINED- A SMALLER GROUP IDEAL FOR MORE EFFECTIVE TEACHING/LEARNING!I The Bible lessons/reinforcements are faithfully taught by Mr. Roe and with a touch of praise and worship times to begin each time, led by Mrs. Reasoner. 

           We love our small group NURSERY RHYME times! 

         Children reciting and singing our nursery rhymes confidently! 

                        They can do the rhymes with motions, too! 

              Individual coaching time takes place throughout the day, too!

                                             WORK CENTERS 

 Math, Science and Language Arts work centers continue to challenge 

K4 students as they make their choices to solve 15 centers, one center at a time, receive a sticker for completing/correctly solving each of them and aiming at receive a small toy gift at the completion of the 15 center activities set up for the class. 

Children have made huge improvements in their level of staying focused on a task.  When completed, they show the work they did to the teachers and are awarded a sticker each time.  They are responsible to keep track of which center they still need to complete by marking off the numbers of a center they finish by covering the center`s number with the sticker they receive.             

                          sequencing activiites                             matching dot dominoes

                          counting and matching                              sequencing  events

                       counting (one-one -correspondence) using uni-fix cubes           stitching designs


                         number and shape problem solving         alphabet recognition and sequencing
                                                           sorting patterns                           matching  color dominoes
sequencing according to sizes/families          matching alphabet cubes

Correct matching and sequencing of the alphabet letters with pictures cards

                                                  INDIVIDUAL  CENTERS STICKER CHART CARDS

  Children get a sticker each time they finish a work center which is  is assigned a number.  All the exposed numbers are still center manipulative works to be done! 

 How well can the children focus now?  Well...see for yourselves!!! They are quietly and intensely watching a video lesson for the week.  Thank you God for greatly improved attention and focusing abilities in each of these children!   K4 children, you sure rock!!! Keep up the good work!