Pre-K4 Memories

Our favourite class this school year-now but memories of our fun days!
We love you all and thank you for being such a great class. 
See some of you in June- July Summer School, Thursday, 21st. 
Mrs. Rulida and I will be waiting for you!



                                  We are teachers... or swimmers?

A pet snake on my shoulder

Stretching time with Mrs. Rulida


The children continues to be motivated despite of the few remaining days of school in this grade level! So proud of them!

Creativity in construction is shown in this small version of an over-a- tunnel road using small blocks and track toys.  
A future engineer in-the-making is in our class for sure! 

Our future engineers at work! 

Our May birthday celebrants Kyozo and Noah,  looking forward to a fun filled party! And praise God, it was filled with fun moments, including the huge snack/meal they had to their heart`s content,  presents from their friends and even to be able to let off "noise poppers" which is a first for our parties.  They had an exciting  time and again, 
many thanks to parents who make these fun celebrations possible! 


June End-of-the Year and last birthday celebrations

June 12- Please bring treat bags if you signed up to bring them by this day, Tuesday

Date:  June 13, 2018 (Wednesday)
Time:  11:00 AM until dismissal at 12:30 PM
Birthday celebrants are Matthew, Eloise and Emma

All Pre-K4 parents have already made commitments to donate some lunch items, ( some will donate bag of treats instead of food) . 
Please come and help us celebrate your children`s accomplishments this school year, too!  They all did exceptionally well by the grace of God, with  your help, support and kind assistance in so many ways! 
Looking forward to this event and we trust God`s blessings upon it as He is faithful all the time! 

Schedule for that day: 
1. Parents Arrival  ( set up tables prepare children`s lunch plates/ food/dishes )
2. Short Program by Pre-K4 Class
3. Special Presentations from a couple of parents
3. Lunch time
4. Clean Up ( Everybody helps! )

5.  Dismiss children to the playground for our last outdoor play
7. DISMISSAL by 12:25 

Our May Birthday Party Highlights

Yummy snack/meals for everyone

Good fellowship time with each other, the parents, teachers and DT

Savouring each moment of the party

Quietly contemplating on which food to eat next


Using white board and markers to practice our writing skills

We can draw pictures that we love

Put our ideas into writing through our drawings

                                                           Sharing some thoughts with our friends

Just being on our own- writing and creating what we have in mind

Spring Experiment

Carrots are root vegetables and our class wants to see if this is true. 
If it is a root, then from it will grow stems and leaves just like other plants!
At this moment, we can see small sprouts coming out from the cut carrot. 
We make sure it has water everyday as all plants need water the most! 
Hmm...will these sprouts go bigger and become s real plant? 


Children were deeply focused on cutting, gluing, drawing as they explore shapes all unique and special to them-paper bracelets, rings, chandeliers, lanterns, glue holders, necklaces for moms, flowers, stars and the list goes on and on!

Messy table but creativity showing up as the children kept on going

Coming up with different ideas and working on each one quietly

Visiting with friends on other tables, checking on what they came up with


Is it sunny, rainy, windy, warm, snowy, cloudy or foggy?

We are also mastering the months of the year and we are getting quite good at it!

The day`s student leader gets to recite the calendar, the days of the month, check the class attendance by reading their names on the chart and also lead in reciting the scripture verses!  Each child could not wait to have a turn to be the day`s leader! 

Thanking God for all mothers in our class who constantly give so much to send their children to school everyday and warmly receive them back home when school is done!  
A mother`s job is never done and it makes a difference when she does all that is expected of her in a joyful and willing manner, never complaining, always loving on and believing in their children unconditionally!  This way, God grows them to be the person He created them to be and that is the prize of motherhood, as God says "well done wonderful mother!"

Praying your celebration of your mothers be a meaningful one, joyfully and thoughtfully planned.  All mothers need to be celebrated and be thankful for each and every day!  God bless all of us, MOTHERS!!!


We are finishing our curriculum for the school year:
Bible- How God`s Word spread through the faithfulness of Jesus` disciples, His followers and the church
The Parables Jesus Taught

Science- We are learning about water- its properties, where they are found/o sources of water,  its uses, shapes, and conduct experiments to demonstrate the properties of water
 Mathematics- Patterns, Sorting, Positional Words and Simple Numerical Operations
Social Studies- Getting prepared to go to K5 physically, emotionally, socially and academically- focusing on listening, responding with confidence and accuracy, working hard, using voices appropriately, body posture in different situation, continuing to be motivated to learn new things
Fine Motors- Practice writing letters thru tracing,  random writing, cutting, gluing, coloring, making stuffs, building using toys and other supplies in the classroom


We are sorry to report that our butterfly transformation experiment had failed as our caterpillar died after two weeks of care and observation. 

Water Experiments- 
Float and Sink materials in Water
Changing liquid water to solid form-ice cubes
Water evaporation- water in container exposed to the sunlight evaporated or disappeared as it turned into another form - its gaseous stage
Water Displacement-measuring amount of water displaced when an object is placed in a container of water and water is spilled or displaced
Demonstrating property of water of taking the shapes of its containers
Finding water in plants, etc. 

Water turning to ice cubes and then back to liquid water

Children patiently line up to take a turn to see which objects float or sink when placed in water

Floaters and Sinkers


We have just added a new boy in our class, which makes our number up to 20 children in Pre-K4 class.  We no longer have Mrs. Clarke, but continue to have  Direct Teaching student Ms. Kiomi to help us in the afternoons, except on Thursdays. 
Kindly help us welcome Andrew Chan to our Pre-K4 class. 

Different things happen in Spring time for our delightful experiences



Children may play briefly with a teacher from time to time, but our priority is to be watchful over your children while they play so they have fun and are safe!
If you need to talk to us but we are on duty, kindly wait until the teacher is available,  unless it is a very urgent matter.  You can also make an appointment to meet with us after school when you come to get your children from the classroom.  
Thank you so much for your support!

Outdoor plays are times for 
- fun and creative play
  - time for one-on-one interactions with their closest friends
- effective communication and cooperation
-  releasing their energies, frustrations, excitement
-large motor skills development 
-stimulate creative and critical thinking
- and allows them to be just themselves!

Sand box play continues to be the most popular play area in the playground!  And what creativity children do have! 

Resting it away in the tunnel where secrets may be shared 

Cozy enough on top of the slide equipment to have  small conversations to themselves! 

         Children's chu-chu train coming by....watch out everyone! 


Wheel barrow game makes our arms gain strength and we learn balancing as well!

Riding the swings is one favourite thing that children always like to do. They even wait for their turns by counting to twenty! 

Slides may also be a place of of just talking things away as they meet up with their friends

Weather cooperating, children were able to play and enjoy creative play in the sand box! 

    Children show off each other's abilities as they try to get better at the monkey bars

 Riding these inflated balls is fun for the kids, too! Someone is not very     happy, though! 

                   "Seriously working on a toy...please do not disturb!"

 Swinging side ways with friends is truly fun! 

                                       We love car racing, too! 

                                          INDOOR PLAY

             Children have fun expressing their creativity and critical thinking 
                                               using classroom toys

 Thanking God for this generous donation of waffle blocks from Matthew`s family 
  to our class!!

                          Glad to have received a special gift donation today!!

Making more complicated designs as they try different ways to make a smoother flow of their vehicles and make the bridge more stable

The really serious ones stay and continue to think and build more and discover new ways to enjoy this train, and other vehicles road buiding toy set

Iriana, our new girl, getting tips from kitchen expert Emma, about fun ways to play in the kitchen center.

New Experiment on Butterfly/Moth Life Cycle

We are not sure if this caterpillar will turn into a moth or butterfly. 
But we are thankful to have a chance to work on this experiment,  hoping to see a hands-on transformation of this creature as we watch its life cycle from this stage on! 
Day 1 in class-blackish coloured caterpillar munching on lettuce leaf

Day 12- Caterpillar seems to be changing its colour and has become fat! 
We added varied types of leaves for it`s food. 

Day 16- Unfortunately, we found our caterpillar dead on its cage while it was trying to turn into a butterfly.  It was just a short time of fun observation about how the caterpillar munched the leaves as it moves about its cage very slowly.
We all agreed that it is most ideal for it to be outdoors so we can see better results of its life cycle. 

 Seed Experiment
The children got really excited to know that we are actually conducting a seed planting experiment with each of the students participating!!

                                                 The bean seed we planted was green and tiny!

               Day 1
  1. We planted seeds in moistened paper towel and placed them in a clear plastic cup. This way, they get to see clearly through the cup,  how the seeds germinate or grow and become a seedling/plant!

2. We had some seeds in the middle and some on the outer side of the moistened paper for clear and easy viewing and observation as changes take place. 

3. We noted down the materials we used, wrote the procedure we followed to plant the seeds, and made our first day observation towards the end of the day.  The children noticed the seeds "became fat". 

We hope to take this experiment home on Friday and continue observing them at home.  We request the family to help jot down regular observations by making simple drawings of obvious changes taking place with the seeds.  
Thank you in advance for your help in getting your children excited in making this  experiment a success! 

Our bean experiment were sent home for further observations, drawing what is observed on days 4 and 7 while in spring vacation.  Pictures drawn by students may be brought to school for show and tell and also for a small reward!









1. Name Tags It is important for your children to wear their name tags to school everyday!  
When you lost a name tag,   please purchase a new from the front office,  or I can help you purchase that for you- just send in Y150! 

2. Book bags/back packs needed everyday! Wear socks to school everyday-children will not be allowed to play in the play ground or participate during P.E. days,  with out socks on. 
3.  Regular class attendance is very important-a healthy habit that is great to develop at this young age.  When late to school, ( later than 8:30 AM ), please go to the office to get a late slip before going to the classroom. In times of absences,  call the office to inform us and why they are missing school, please.
4.  School begins at 8:00 AM with outdoor play in the playgrounds for elementary, pre-K and Kg. classes.  Before- school play is highly recommended for your children so they can have a warm up play and be more alert and ready to learn as we start our academic day! 

5.  Sickness-child should stay home when he or she has a fever of 37.5 degrees C or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, or higher; have hard and continuous coughing and runny nose
6.  School lunch- child has to eat at least one bite of each item in the school lunch menu.  
Please abide by our NO Sweet Food Policy!  Chocolate candies, sweetened drinks, nor any sweet desserts will be sent back home.  100 % fruit juices are acceptable!

7.  Behaviour Managementplease read these from the web site when you can so you can be aware of the  behaviour expectations from students. Positive reinforcements are actively implemented on a daily basis, although there are also consequences to negative or inappropriate behaviour patterns. 

8.   Academic  Conferences attendance highly requested-takes about 20 minutes...see below:


November 3- Parent-Teacher Conferences for first quarter 
March 21- Student-led Conferences for third quarter

7. Have a regular study time at home-at least fifteen minutes daily (practice conversational English for second language learners, play educational games, read story books to your children, draw pictures, make arts and craft projects,  learn to recognize upper and lower case alphabet letters, practice name writing correctly, watch an educational video, etc.)

8. Parents are invited to most of our field activities-please try to come as much as possible! Children`s permission slips will be sent home most of the times, and need to be signed by parents or guardians then sent back to the teacher as soon as possible. Children need to be driven to our off-campus activities by parents.  Our school buses do not have enough safety seat belts for all our young pre-kindergarten students. 


Our ON LINE STUDENT INFORMATION -PHILOSOPHY, POLICIES, etc. was made for you to read thoroughly so you will be familiar with:

-the  kindergarten philosophy
-how these apply to our teachings
-the different programs we offer in this department
-progress and report cards
-summer school requirement (mostly for Japanese)
-after school program-limited number of students
-typhoon procedures
-parent teacher conferences
-parent Involvement
-office policies on enrolment, tuition, withdrawal, visitors,
 health requirements
-main school events-Fall Walkathon and Spring Bazaar
-class rules, safety regulations  and policies-food, 
 attendance, name tags, 
school preparedness, nap time, 
 clothing, behaviour management, use 
of language, school hours
-other procedures-drop off and pick up, bus riding, special arrangements
-supply list

                                          ( visit our school`s website )

- type in Okinawa Christian School International
- click on Student Hand Book 
- and click on places where kindergarten informations are listed. 
Also, OCSI is on Facebook, so please visit this social media and look for fun things about OCSI activities, accomplishments, schedules and your children`s pictures from time to time!  

JUNE 13, 2018

Thank you so much parents for your kind support of our last party this morning! The children had a great time, so did we, and I pray you did as well!  Most thankful to God for the smooth and timely schedule we had,  the good meal, sweet fellowship and the enormous orchid plant gift from you all.   Pre-K4 Team sure rocks!  I will sure miss you all but looking forward to summer season!

Special thanks to our parent program participants -Kojiro`s grandmother and guest student player, and also Mrs. Garriguez for reading aloud a story book to the children!

Our praise to God for allowing the Pre-K4 children to sing out their hearts to His glory and also to show off their nursery rhyme skills to their parents!

God bless your summer and praying to see some of your children this summer school,  if you decided to enrol them.  If not, I will see you around the campus in the fall school year. 



(May 5, 2018)

"Koinobori" projects waving to everyone who came by the classroom at this time of Children`s Day week! 


Children proudly presenting their "Koinobori" or Carp Shaped Streamers!  It is a custom in Japan to hang these fish streamers outside of their houses to announce the presence of boy child in the house and to celebrate their wishes for all their children to be strong and successful like the carps.  It is said that the that the Carp fish swims against the water current, thus developing strength and could successfully swim forward or upwards against the water current.   

For Christians, the Bible states that all children are special and are a "heritage from the Lord, a reward  from God to us".  And that they are all made in God`s image-each one created uniquely and very specially. 

Love on your children as you celebrate how special they are!!


We have 15 baskets of manipulative learning toys open for children to explore and solve!!  They get a picture sticker every time they finish one basket of learning materials and the goal is to finish all fifteen of them to receive a prize! 
- Math counters to match numerals
-Matching alphabet upper case with lower case letters 
-Matching beginning letter sounds, alphabet letters and pictures
-matching colors
-matching shapes,
-making patterns
-naming animals and choosing which letter it starts with
-solving picture rhyming puzzles
and many others! 

We hope to finish all our work baskets before the end of this month or early in June!!  A child who finishes all fifteen baskets of manipulative learning toys gets a certificate of a job well done and also a small snack treat!  Most of all, they love receiving the stickers each time they finish a basket of toys. The sticker cards are numbered with corresponding toys in the work center and when they finish that number, the sticker they receive covers the number it corresponds to. When all the numbers are covered with stickers, that means they have completed all fifteen center baskets, thus the small incentive prize!  To this time, only one student has stayed so focused and diligently worked towards all the center toys and completed them all.  He hardly missed school, too!  

Matching upper case and lower case letter blocks

Beginning letter sounds with picture cards

 Words that rhyme

Identifying animal names using beginning letters

Sequencing events using picture cards

Matching lower case letters with correct picture cards

Sorting colors using pegs 

Making color patterns and sorting according to color attribute

One-to-one correspondence using number playing cards and spool toys

Solving picture puzzles and learning picture names

Counting objects to match numerals

Sorting according to shapes ad colors

Identifying object name cards to match letter beginnings of given manipulatives

Numbered Work Center Baskets

Numbered name tags for stickers!

Here are samples of completed sticker cards for the work centers.  Each card belongs to a child in class.  The numbers 1-15 marked on the cards corresponded to 15 manipulative cognitive tasks in baskets fro children to solve. 

 Shown here, are cards with all 15 numbers are covered with stickers- meaning these children have completed each one of the work center tasks patiently and meaningfully.  These children get a snack or toy prize upon completion.  They also get to play some board games while others continue to strive to complete their cards, too. 


Children truly enjoyed their bus ride to and from the church

Pastor Boyd of Central Baptist Church shared a Bible lesson to the children and parents who came, a story about Abraham and his obedience to God, and how God blessed him. 


A "Sunday School" activity was also part of the visit- making crafts about church going which was appropriate as this was the purpose of the visit-why we go to church!

Children staying focused on what they were doing

Parents also had a separate class for the parents who came which is called an Adult "Sunday School" class if it were on a Sunday. 

Interests Vary From Children to Children

Here they seat next to each other but engaged in manipulative play using different materials we have available! They don`t interfere with each other, they stay focused on their goals whatever those may be at the moment! Then they proudly share their own show and tell each time they finish a goal. 


God gave us a beautiful day for our field visit to the zoo and the children had so much fun doing all things that the zoo offered besides animals in cages.  It was a beautiful sight to see parents coming together to fellowship and hang out together, lending hands to those who had their hands full especially with extra young siblings. 

Parents thank you so much for your unconditional support so we can make this trip happen with our limited bus ride condition at the moment. 

 Kindly help the school advertise the work needs we have posted on our web site as we continue on the school year to a good finish!  

                   The quiet bus ride with small number of students

                             Still animals greeted us as we entered the zoo

              Beautiful and creatively designed fresh flower decorations


                            sheep                                           hamsters to pet


giant turtoise                       giraffe


ostrich                                           snake


reptile                                          elephant


     alligator                                    lion


male peacock                              hippopotamuse

A bull was there to our surprise!

Rides to enjoy

Parents in fellowship as we ate lunch together after the fun walk inside the zoo compound!

February 26-March 2, 2018



Our guest reader was no other than our school superintendent, 
Michael Essemberg,  and see how the children were so focused on his book story reading while they had their stuff dolls seated on their laps!  
He read a book entitled "Where is Home Little Pis" by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.
Huge thanks for making time for us Mr. Essemberg although we know how busy you can be! 


We had a Chinese Mom, Mrs. Stacy, mother of Tenn Binncome to the classroom to tell us about their culture- their celebration and meaning of the Chinese
New Year`s Day! She also taught some Chinese phrases to the children and even had some craft time with them!  And also a surprise treat of Chinese "Sembei".
Apparently, this year is the year of the dog according to the Chinese calendar!
Much appreciation to Mrs. Stacy for her time and preparations to share this special time with us! 

She talked about the year of the dog and brought us a beautiful dog poster!

She also mentioned the red envelope of money treat that adults give children at this time of the year! 

I thought these were very similar to what the Okinawan people  do, too!!



Children came in with various types of costumes and enjoyed the day pretending to be someone special to them! 

Waiting patiently for the parading students to come by

Really curious at how everyone else will look like

                   Their costumes did not hinder them from having fun in the playground! 



Most of the children came in with hats to show off to their classmates.  They seemed to have enjoyed wearing and also playing with them whenever they could. This hat day is to celebrate the children`s book author Dr. Seuss who have written tons of books such as "Cat in the Hat" and "ABC" books that children really enjoy listening to. 

Children listening to the story "ABC" by Dr. Seuss
read to them by our HS Senior Direct Teaching Student,  Miss Koumi.
They enjoyed wearing their hand made project hat the whole day! 



Children came to school with t-shirts that had cute phrases on them such as 
"My Dad is the best dad ever!" and "I am a child of God" (Romans 8:16). 

We also had a buddy reading time with middle schoolers who were not excited at first but ended the time with lots of smiles and laughters, and HUGS from their new found little friends!



This seems to be their favorite day for the week!!! The children showed off their pajamas to everyone around them and felt comfortable all day long-learning, playing, eating and napping! 
What a nice day to end this week of elementary reading emphasis! 





High schoolers led by Mr. Meredith head off with our students for active play experiences

  High Schoolers led by Mr. Baughgart presented a Bible-based puppet show



    Children listened intensely to the puppet story

          High School puppet show cast were introduced one person at a time, one of them was even a former Pre-K4 student! 


They also led the children in some singing

   And a great time was had by all!!


Praising God for a generous donation of new toys and learning kits for the elementary, by the school`s 
2017-18 Parent-Teacher Fellowship!!!


We are thankful that this time, our librarian was again creative and kind enough to share with us a hamster stuffed toy that can actually repeat what you say!
The children had a fantastic time of laughing and getting tickled at how the hamster repeated what they told him.  They were seated and patiently waiting for their turns to speak with the hamster! 


We are thankful for the winter weather which makes Pre-K4 nap times mostly still
and restful for most of the children.  When they awaken from an hour of napping, they are totally different children, all refreshed and rested, ready for the free choice fun of the remaining afternoon session. 


                          WE LEARN HOW TO FOCUS ON A TASK AT A TIME



                                             EXPLORING MATH HANDS-ON TOYS

                                                            CREATING DESIGNS

  Some catching up on unfinished work sheet while others transition to free choice exploration with toy counters. 

Waiting quietly and ready to follow the teacher's directions for our Math work sheets!
                         FLU SITUATION CONQUERED/ NEW TOYS OUT

With the onset of the Flu season,  we took appropriate measures to disinfect, clean and replace our toys with new ones from our closet.  We also took some times to disinfect our mats and also sprayed the room before we closed up for the day. 

Praising God our class which had recovered from the flu cycle and now have regular attendance on a daily basis. God is always good! 

     Building train tracks takes construction skills, some imaginations and cooperation.  The children make the train (and other toy vehicles) running smoothly, creatively and effectively as they come up with new ideas each time they play with it. 

                                                 Focused parallel play time with friends

                          Collaborating on ideas as to what things to make next

             Boys exploring shape making techniques using hands-on toys 

Two girls decided to play teacher and translator using a Bible book. The dialogue was hilarious but realistic,  as the translator tried speaking some Japanese she knew every after the teacher said something in English. 

Two girls getting more comfortable at play, trying to solve a clock puzzle by matching the correct number to the shaped holes. 

A team of two boys and a girl building a structure that grew as tall as them!

Hmmm...what more shall I add to make my toy really cool?  Forming more creative and complicated shapes is a challenge that these children embrace on a daily basis. 

People  Craft

To apply the scripture verse thru age-appropriate craft, we made some people cut outs.  ( "Let us love one another" 1 John 4:7)
The children cut out folded people shapes which when they opened made two people holding hands.  
The children also wrote the name of their best friend in class 
by copying them from magnetic name plates available on our white board. 
We also said best friends like to hold hands and help each other out! 

The Lion and the Mouse 

We also coloured the main animal characters in the story book "The Lion and the Mouse,"  a wordless booklet that told of a story about being humble and helpful.  The story ended up creating a sweet friendship between one huge and fierce animal  and a small, quick and nice mouse. 
The children should be able to narrate their own versions of the story booklet to their families at home  Give it a try and let me hear back from you!