Rubina Dombrosky

Welcome to International Arts and Crafts &
Cermaic Pottery & Graphics Club
Lessons & Presentations
Here are a list of following project based on the month lessons will prepare students for entry level college Craft course:
Presentations are detailed instructions and motivational elements for students and parents to view based on the
lessons at hand.
Sept/October/November/December Projects
Mexico! Sun Gods and Goddess Recycled Bas relief sculpture
Sprit Hands Sprit week
Los Muertos's Mexican Craft- Dancing Skeletons
Tribal Mask
QBA Project based 
Falling for you pillows
Fall related projects
Basic Sewing
Holiday gifts
January and February Crafts
Chinese & Japanese New Year
Valentines for the troops and VFW
Card making
Book making
Plaster Fresco
Mardi Gras
March Crafts
St. Patricks Day
Basket Weaving
April Crafts
Mixed Media
French Craft-April Fools Day
Poetry as ART
Spring Crafts
Earth Day
Recycled Art
May Crafts
May Day 
Paper Making
June Crafts
Independent Projects
Dream Catchers
All QBA's are based on student learning lessons mastered
Native American Tribal story  Pinched Pots
Spirit Hands Spirit WEek
Los Muertos Mexican Candle/Skull
Tribal Mask slab bas relief
Holiday based projects
Independent projects
Ukrainian eggs
Students will master the following all will prepare them for entry level Ceramic/Pottery in College level course:
 QBA Project based on student learning lessons mastered
         Welcome to
    Our World of Art!
Parents: Thank You for entrusting me with your child.. in this room they will learn fun art projects and make life time friends.
Students: Thanks so much for taking my class I wish you a wonderful and Happy day.