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iLearn: Gateway to Your Future


****I'm so excited about this new course****

8300330  iLearn:  Gateway to Your Future

.5 credit   Fulfills the Character Education Requirement

Did you know that employers are looking for qualities in their new hires that are never listed in a job advertisement?  Employers want employees who:  demonstrate dependability, are self-motivated, provide a positive representation of their brand, rise to the occasion, are team players, and have positive attitudes.  Learn and experience all of this and more in the new iLearn: Gateway to Your Future course.  This one semester course will teach students how to be successful in the workforce and in life.  Students in this course will learn everything from interpersonal skills to entrepreneurship to how social media affects your job, as well as have the opportunity to interview for jobs and to intern with local businesses.  Students will also experience the world of Google Apps and how it relates to the real world.  Students will be introduced to different careers and their real world counterparts, field trips, and guest speakers.  When you complete this course, students will be prepared to either enter the workforce or attend a post-secondary institution.  

The course will focus on the following areas: 

·         Leadership skills

·         Interpersonal skills

·         Research skills

·         Organization skills

·         Creating a résumé

·         Employment interview skills

·         Conflict resolution

·         Workplace ethics

·         Workplace law

·         Stress management

·         Resilience and self-motivation

Carrie Foxhall,
Jan 2, 2017, 11:32 AM