Philosophy & Benefits of the EdOp Program

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At Ontario Christian, we believe that parents play the primary role in the discipleship and training of their children. As we partner with parents in their role, we want to provide options that incorporate the utilization of our Educational Options Program in a full-time or part-time setting.

These settings include the following:

  1. Homeschooling Families can choose to educate their students full-time at home with the encouragement and support of our EO staff as needed. OC collects required paperwork and maintains a cumulative file for each student to ensure educational and legal standards are being met. Not WASC Accredited.

  2. Classical Education hybrid class Classes for K-8th grades meets 1 full day as week with an optional enrichment day on Fridays. This class covers coursework in history, Bible, science, grammar, literature, writing and Latin with supplemental art, history and PE activities. Students receive assignments from the teachers for the days at home. Parents can choose their own math and phonics programs to be taught at home. Not WASC Accredited.

  3. Part-Time on campus Students in 1st thru 12th grades have the option of attending classes on campus part time. This option allows our middle school and high school students to participate in sports, band, choir, art and other programs offered on campus. They may choose courses by subject. Elementary students can attend 2-3 full days a week on campus, then complete assigned work at home on the home-based days. They may also participate in special classes such as computers, music, Spanish, art and PE.

  4. OC Online Students in 3rd thru 12th grades can do their schoolwork online. These courses range in price depending on the requirements needed and can be started at any time throughout the year. (It is suggested that the elementary and middle school students follow the traditional school calendar for best results.) Students can log in anywhere with internet connection.

All students enrolled in any of the options above can participate in the following:

Monthly EO field trips and Park Days are offered as well as on campus activities such as chapels, Green & Gold Day, and participation in graduation. Standardized MAP testing is offered on campus for 1st thru 8th grade in the fall and spring as well as PSAT testing for 9th-11th grades.

Classical Education Hybrid Classes

K-8th grades

1 full day a week from 8:15-2:50 with an optional enrichment day on Fridays which includes chapel

Ontario Christian is offering an activity-filled day of learning each week for your K-8th grader. These special classes are taught in the Classical tradition with teacher assigned lessons to work on at home. This centuries-old method of teaching integrates subjects and allows students to participate in discussion and interaction as a method for learning. This integration is critical for deeper understanding, and deeper understanding leads to greater interest and retention.

The learning-centered approach and small class size gives students the opportunity to fall in love with time-tested stories, true tales of adventure from history, the excitement of scientific exploration, and illuminated Biblical truths that are weaved throughout the day. IEW writing, grammar and Latin are included in the upper grades while the younger grades grow in their recitation, reading and writing skills through hands-on learning. All grades participate in supplemental art, music history and PE activities.

Together, we will discover Biblical truths while we explore history, literature, science, art, music and writing through the lens of our Lord’s unending grace, wisdom, and love.

*Hands-on Activities *Group Projects *Interactive History Activities *Memory Work *IEW Writing *Latin *Literature and Comprehension *Art & Music History lessons *Science Projects/Experiments *Games *Public Speaking Opportunities