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University Info

Electronic Info (eInfo) is the university search program that will link you to many resources available through OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre). You can search and compare programs, prerequisites and admission requirements, scholarships, residence information, etc.
Below are a few of the key documents available on eINFO.
Important dates for university applications:
Equal consideration deadline for application to university programs is January 16 , 2019
For Important dates visit:

***See Important Dates section for University & College Open Houses***

University Entrance Requirement Charts


Links to Ontario Universities:
Quick info items by university
University of Ottawa Programs (includes individual course descriptions)
Applying to university:
To be eligible to apply to university you must have 6 Grade 12  University level courses (U/M), including ENG4U. If you have met this requirement you will receive the necessary passwords in November from your Guidance Counsellor.
Here is a quick link to the on-line application:  The university application
A one page info guide to applying will be posted once we receive the password information for students.
Tutorials available:
Failed and Repeated Courses: Admission Information
Each university will handle repeated courses differently, whether they are repeated because of a failure or to up-grade a mark. 
Click here to see each university website. You will need to search as each school has different policies..

Special/Extenuating Circumstances.
Links to each university's admission policies regarding special/extenuating circumstances.