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Specialized Programs

 SMT's Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM)

We have 2 SHSMs running at St. Mother Teresa HS:

1) Health and Wellness
2) Information and Communication Technology
    ICT video: video link
    ICT info: info page link

These are both 2 year (grade 11/12) pathways.

There are 9 required courses that students must take including 2 co-op credits. Students that complete the requirements are recognized as graduating with a SHSM designation. This information is sent to colleges and universities when students apply.

To see which courses are required and which additional certifications they acquire, see the attachment below OR look at the SHSM Planner on myBlueprint.

SMT Focus Program: Emergency Response Services

This Focus Program centres on the various careers that contribute to Emergency Care - Firefighting, Police and Paramedic. Students learn in a "real life" work environment with professionals in each of the fields delivering part of the program. Lots of experiential learning opportunities.  
Want to see what happens in this Focus Program? Check out the links below. 



                        Emergency Response Services Youtube video


ERS promo 2018.mp4

 Required courses are found in the attachment below.

Dual Credits
Dual Credits give students in grade 11 & 12 the opportunity to enroll in a college course and earn a college credit, at no cost, while attending high school. Please attachment below to learn more about this unique opportunity.
See your Guidance Counsellor in your school to find out how you can part of these programs.
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