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Scholarships, OSAP, Bursaries

Scholarship Information:
In addition to the info below please see "Scholarships Awarded at Graduation" information posted in the Graduation, Prom& Grad Day Info link on the left menu.
1) Scholarships as listed by the universities:
Any student seeking a school sponsored scholarship nomination must submit their name for consideration 2 weeks prior to the deadline. 

Students are encouraged to use the powerful search engine which matches members with scholarships, bursaries and cash prizes, delivering customized lists of awards based on profile information.

3) Scholarship information is sent to the schools by many different organizations. To read about the scholarships available and the criteria required, open the scholarship document below. As well, use the links below for more information on scholarships. Fill in a profile and have scholarship information sent directly to you:

 NEW:  https://ScholarTree.ca


OSAP Information
Note: There are changes to OSAP for 2017-2018. Here is an OSAP FAQ link with more information. (Doc also attached below)

Thank you to Mark Robinson Manager, Financial Aid for Carleton University for putting this together and sharing it.

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