Community Service Hours

Students must complete 40 hours of Community Service as a graduation requirement.
Students are strongly encouraged to complete these hours in grade 9 & 10. Life gets very busy in grades 11 & 12 and sometimes becomes difficult to find the time to do 40 hours of volunteer community service work.
Each year dates are set when the 40 hours must be completed in order to attend the Graduation Ceremony and/or the Prom. For this years dates please see Grade 12 Information --> Important Dates.
Students are asked to check with their Guidance Counsellor prior to doing Community Service work in order to ensure the hours will count towards the required 40 hours.
Community Service Opportunities are posted in the MT Daily Announcements found on the school homepage at
Volunteer Ottawa is an organization helping students find Volunteer opportunities, visit their website at  

For the Community Service Form click on the attachment below.
James Hallarn,
Feb 13, 2011, 12:25 PM