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This website was created by the Student Services Department at St. Mother Teresa High School.
The web address is ss.mths.ca
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The Direct Number to the Student Services Department is 613-823-5033

                                                                    E. Byrne                        Ext 2011                A-E         
                                                                    L. Ban                            Ext 2013                F-K and W-Z         
                                                                    M. Buccino                    Ext 2010                L-P         
                                                                    N. Chiasson                  Ext 2012                Q-V      

                                   Office Administrator:     
                                                                    Kathleen Watkinson       Ext 2015 



This website is intended as a resource for parents and students. Every effort is made to keep it up to date and accurate. Any discrepancy between what is said in class and posted here, what is said in class should take presidency.
If you have any concerns, please contact Mother Teresa High School.